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What would you do if someone suddenly told you that the world has a week left?
I don't know about you but I'm constantly reproducing fantasies in my brain and casually yesterday after watching a movie I started to ask myself what would I do if we only had a week left on this planet? How would we take advantage of that little time of life?

I will ask the person to either shut the fuck up or I will assist him/her to shut it. I really do not think anyone has a prior knowledge of the expiry date of the earth, that is if it has one. Scientists have toyed with the idea of the earth having a definite period of existence but not concrete has been agreed upon based on evidence.


If someone told me that and did not give me a compelling reason to believe them, I'd take them for a lunatic and not think too much of it. It is very unlikely that if the world were really about to come to and end in a week I would be part of a select group to know it.

But assuming that I really did know for a fact that the world was about to come to and end that soon and nobody else (except the person who knew), I'd have to think really hard about who to tell it. Would anyone believe me if I told them? If not, then what's the point. If yes, what consequences would that have? 

But if I decided to not tell anyone because I had no reason to think they'd believe me, or worse, put me away, I'd do a few things I've wanted to do for a long time but have not had the opportunity to do. I'd also get in touch with people I'd want to talk to or meet one last time, tell my loved ones I loved them, and basically prepare to die. 

To be honest, I'd prefer not to know. 


hahaha :P 

First of all ,we all know that we all are gonna die someday, sooner or later, no body knows. 

if someone came to me and told me that, The world has just a week left? what i would do?

As a Muslim My believe is that we all will be awake after death and we will be judged by our deeds that we have done in this world, 

I will to do as many good things as i could, i will help others as much as i could.

Just 5 days ? 

we spend all of our life in doing wrong things, ( I am not talking about everyone here)

now I have just 5 days,

I will try to collect as many good deeds as i could.


Most probably I would not believe that person who will be telling me that the world just have a week left.

Maybe not unless it was in the news that scientists have found out that a meteor or something bigger than earth will surely hit the earth after a week. Which of course we do not like to ever happen cause there is only just one earth, so far.

I think that no one can exactly predict when the earth will be totally ending even he is part of a end of the world plot. I mean even he planned of firing a lot of nuclear bombs around the world, he still cannot exactly tell how long the earth will stand all the explosions and destructions.

Earth has been around for millions/billions of years despite what all of us human has been doing with it. Maybe even all the natural resources will be destroyed as well as all humans, the earth might still exists.


I would not believe the person, of course but even so, I would spend every minute with my loved ones!


I would try to have the time of my life, while maintaining a level of consciousness, that is, I would not live it in inebriation, but I would likely have lots of sex, eat my favorite foods, enjoy fulfilling activities, and when it is time to go, it is time to go. 


It's simple, if humanity already found a way for human to live on other planets like mars, then we only need to go to other planet before the earth explode.