What do atheists and other people who do not believe in a particular god cling to, especially in times of crisis and anguish?

As an atheist myself, it does not mean I do not believe there was no being or entity with more knowledge than us as humans, There may well have been an entity that appeared to be a God to us, 

If a God created a universe, then he created it from outside of the universe, not with him inside it. This can be said that a God started the universe and created the Big Bang, as we call it, 

To me that sounds very much like an experiment, and maybe that experiment is still going.

For us to be the center of that experiment I think is a joke to assume we hold such grander position that just a life form. Of all the galaxies with all the suns and all the planets that rotate around these suns. Life of some kind must exist in some form on some of those.

That our life form holds a  residence over another life form is purely from a selfish tone of self superiority.

This does not take away from right and wrong. We all know what is right and wrong and we will hide the things we do we know are wrong.

In times of struggle like now that I go through. I turn to logic and possibility to get me through, I can pray for years and not get a vote to  my post. If I make the effort to meet other people instead of praying and answer questions like this one. I am putting the same effort as praying out there and I have a greater chance of being seen. 

I find working on the things you want a God to provide for you. instead of getting on your knees to pray. provides Everything your prayers could want.

The exception to this might be death. If you believe in a God, Then death is not something you would question the reason of why it came to that person. The answer would be simple, God called them home. 

In most cases God is only prayed to when something is wanted and forgotten when things are going right. You cannot justify saying the US is a God fearing country, when they are so ready to war. Unless you believe they their God is the God of war.

Doing things to make your life better works better than praying for better.

The best use for prayer is in the form of meditation,


Atheists don't actually think that they need a God in time of crisis they basically usually feel that the existence of mankind isnt caused by a sovereign God but that doesn't mean that they do not actually believe in anything for example they could believe in the big bang theory they could believe in their business or in their jobs.

they could actually believe also in their wives or their children or their relatives anything they actually find solace in, in other words atheists when they have periods of problems and they actually feel lost or in woes they will actually blame other things the fact that they do not believe in God means they'll believe in something, because all men believe in something.

sometimes atheists also resort to solutions for their problems but a religious who is not an atheist is in time of need or problems they will actually call on the sovereign entity who they believe in and actually also work toward bringing a solution but an atheist will only rely on his means and wisdom in order to provide problems to his solutions.

however I still believe that atheists have a soul somewhere and i believe deep down they may cling onto something that makes them comfortable and feel safe.

actually they may also rely on their wisdoms and perceptions when they have problems since they actually did not believe in a God in the first place.


They get strength from themselves or support from the people willing to lend them a hand. If you got problems with money, you seek consult. If you got problems with health, you seek a physician. If you got problems about expressing that sadness, see someone that is willing to listen. No need for a deity to pray for or hope to save you. They just need to do what is rational. 


Friends and family, you know, Real things.

When there's no heaven, reincarnation or afterlife in the picture, a person might appreciate that which is temporary, and work towards conserving it.

A finite Life is infinitely more valuable than an infinite Life. Because every moment counts and is meaningful.

If that's not something worth clinging to, I don't know what is.


You don't need to believe in a god to overcome a crisis or anguish! Everyone can use logic, the facts, your rational mind and common sense and every crisis can be solved. 


Atheists don't for the most part actuate that they require a God in time of emergency they on an exceptionally fundamental level as a rule feel that the proximity of humanity is not caused by a sovereign God yet that doesn't deduce that they don't for the most part put stock in anything for instance they could trust in the speculation of how things came to be they could believe in their business or in their occupations. 

they could really recognize in addition in their allies or their young people or their relatives anything they genuinely discover comfort in, as needs be skeptics when they have times of issues and they genuinely feel lost or in hardships they will genuinely fault different things the way in which that they don't put stock in God surmises they'll have faith in something, since all men trust in something. 

all over critics in addition depend upon answers for their issues yet a religious who isn't a nonbeliever is in wild eyed hour or issues they will genuinely approach the sovereign segment who they have confidence in and thoroughly advance toward bringing an answer at any rate a freethinker will essentially depend upon his procedures and smarts with the genuine goal to offer issues to his answers. 

at any rate regardless I trust that pragmatists have a spirit some place and I accept where it counts they may stick onto something that makes them satisfying and feel safe. 

all things considered they may comparably depend upon their wisdoms and recognitions when they have issues since they genuinely did not put stock in a God in any case.