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What are the common habits of successful people ?


Wealth may be hereditary but success is not, the truth is success attracts success, when people who are successful sees each other there's a likeness that brings them together this is because success is never enough and if two brilliant mind who's achieved so much individualy comes together then ideas and shared, thoughts are ruminated on, decisions are formed, friendship takes places contracts are signed and new businesses are born. They however are aware of this fact and when they flock together it's because of benefit of achieving even more success.


success is never enough, and that's the watchword of most successful people apart from the fact that they're heavy spenders, they're also greedy, hungry and they're brilliant forecasters of the picture, they see the big picture ahead of them and as a result of this they take incalculable and caculable risks. Successful people does not look at the short run, they're the type of people that invest in business that people feels it's a waste of money, however they've ran analytical scan of the future, they've considered the future prospects and also weighed a lot of probabilities even when they're not gods, they go ahead to rewrite the future with mind-blowing initiatives that can change the course of the future, they're risk takers and they can go to any length.


Few things that I have really noticed those are

They are hard working : Give them any task they will do it if it is within reach they are not really lazy and they do their best when they do something.

They are Smart: They do the hard works smartly and they get the rewards for those hard works in great ways.

They do not give up : As much as they are arrogant and the behavior of not giving up is something that they all have in themselves. They have strong belief in themselves and they make their dream comes true.

They do not criticize others: They give priority to others and learns from others no matter who /what they are . By doing so they improve their knowledge and they use those knowledge in their life.

They do not waste time: Time is something of value which we will never get again, so they use it full priority and make full use of it.

These are the few things that they sure do and for which they are there on the platform of Success. 


Achieving success is not like turning your palm. So that someone can succeed, he must go through various challenges and processes that are not short. There is no success that can be achieved easily. Discipline and habits have an important role in determining a person's success. Even starting from the smallest habits that people often ignore. Every effort we make, no matter how small it is, has an impact on your level of success.

A writer, Thomas Corley, conducts research on the daily habits of the rich and the poor. Based on 233 respondents from rich people and 128 from poor people, he finally found 6 habits of successful people that are done every day. So, if you want to be successful, let's see and copy this habit.

1. Build 3 Hours Before Working Hours

When it was very early in the morning, successful people had woken up and began preparing to welcome a new day. Based on the research, 44% of successful people wake up 3 hours before working hours begin. This is done so that they can have enough time to get ready and calm down so they can start working in calm conditions. Besides that, by getting up early, the opportunity they can get more because the time is also more.

2. Having a Daily Target

Successful people don't think about how long they have to work today, or think about when the holidays arrive. Every day, before the day starts, successful people have thought a lot about how to make their day productive or how to complete all the work that awaits today. All the things that have to be done today are clearly arranged the day before, so they just need to adjust.

You have to do a daily target so that you become motivated to work. Because by having a clear target, the work can be completed on time and there is no more time to set what your goals are today.

3. Never Stop Learning.

Ciri-ciri orang sukses yang paling terlihat adalah keinginannya untuk selalu belajar. Belajar disini tidak dalam bentuk sekolah, tetapi proses pembelajaran bisa dilakukan kapan saja, dimana saja, dan dari siapa saja. Hal baru selalu tersedia di segala tempat, itulah yang mendorong orang sukses untuk terus belajar.

Semakin sering kamu belajar, maka kamu akan semakin pintar dan wawasan semakin luas. Dengan memiliki wawasan yang luas, kamu bisa berkomunikasi dan melakukan banyak hal loh. Jadi saat kesempatan itu datang, kamu bisa segera mengambilnya karena kamu memiliki wawasan tentang hal itu.


There are some common traits of successful people I know.

The habits they form are very rarely broken and that is what drives them to succeed. it is not a secret formula or something but a work ethic and thought process that makes them different to others around them.

Work hard. They are some of the hardest working people I know. Even when they have buckets of money they are still at work early and the last to leave. They rarely break this habit even when they are not well.

Time. Time is so important to them as they see it as wasted if nothing is achieved. Their time management skills are second to none. They don't look at watches or the clock and just get whatever needs to be done .

Mind set. They think positively and don't see problems as they look for solutions.They are very self confident and believe in their abilities.

There are more traits that they posses but these are the main ones that set them apart form other people.