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What problems can sex solve?

Sex is very important in a relationship, especially long-term. Sex sometimes is the last thing that comes to mind when dealing with problems and yes Sex can not solve every problem in a relationship but I believe it can solve some. Here are some of the problems sex can solve..

Lack of communication-- Sex has a way of breaking down walls. The conversations that follow after great sex are often very honest and this helps make the relationship stronger.

The dry patch-- There's something about good sex that brings back the spark in a relationship. Absence of sex in a relationship makes every other challenge more visible so when it feels like the romance is dying, just call him/her and fix a date. Preferably dinner for two at home, a nice quiet environment that sets the mood and have sex!

When you're not spending enough time with each other-- Juggling a career and a relationship can be very challenging and people often get lost in their busy schedules. It can be hard to make time and we all know that having to schedule sex every single time takes the fun out of it so just make out time and surprise your partner with sex!

Sex also has a lot of health benefits. Some of them are..

*It boosts bladder control for women

*It lowers blood pressure

*It boosts your libido

*Sex is also good exercise

*Sex improves sleep

*It eases stress..etc

And there you have it, problems that sex can solve.


Moderate beautiful  Sex  can be used to reduce stress ,a good sex can help to release hormones which will help a person to stay stress-free.....a good sex can also help to make some people become confident especially towards ladies....


Well here are some health problems that could occur if someone does not have enough sex.... Regular Cold and Flu Sex produces different antibodies that assistance reinforce your invulnerable framework helping you battle unfavorably susceptible responses, chilly and influenza. Expanded Pain During PMS Offsetting the testosterone and estrogen levels in the body, sex works at keeping the hormonal level in the body. What's more, when ladies abandon sex for an extensive stretch, over the top estrogen doesn't get utilized, bringing about unnecessarily excruciating spasms amid their period. Hypertension Since it's well known for its pressure lessening impacts, absence of sex could have a turn around impact bringing about an expansion in circulatory strain or hypertension. Prostrate Cancer According to examines , the more explicitly dynamic men are, the less are their odds of creating malignancy in their prostrate organ. This is on the grounds that when men discharge, they wind up exhausting out especially hurtful particles from their prostrate. Stress and Anxiety Much the same as exercise, sex likewise discharges endorphins (glad hormones) and oxytocin which enable you to manage overpowering circumstances. Also, when you're not engaging in sexual relations, examines demonstrate that you're at a substantially higher danger of misery from over the top nervousness. Absence Of Sleep According to considers , engaging in sexual relations discharges the hormone prolactin that helpers rest. Also, when you're not engaging in sexual relations, you won't feel sluggish so effectively. Debilitated Bladder As you'd definitely know, having intercourse is the best exercise for your kegel muscles, the ones that guide your bladder in clutching pee. What's more, examines demonstrate that when you're not having normal sex, except if you're frequently doing other kegel works out, you'd surge the latrine much again and again. Erectile Dysfunction At the point when a penis doesn't get standard erections, because of the man not having enough sex, it can back off the muscles or debilitate them. Various examinations have demonstrated that men who go significant lots without sex are destined to create erectile brokenness. Debilitated Vaginal Walls Expanded sexual movement supports blood stream in a lady's vagina and when she doesn't have enough sex, the tissues of the vaginal dividers dry out and debilitate , making it free and thin.