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How do you prove that you love this platform and community?

I think your level of engagement should be proof enough. Ny actively engaging in the community, posting questions and helping others answer their questions, you do not only show that you love this community but also show your loyalty to the community.

There is a saying that "I will not show devotion to something i don't live." So taking out time to be active on the platform is proof enough for me that you love the platform..


It's enough to check my Steemworld stats.  1,064 posts, 14,541 comments, 11,948 replies in 11 month. I think these numbers should speak on my behalf. Engaging is key here, you can't survive without engaging and creating your community or choosing an existing one and being part of it. 

Some people limit their being here to posting and using bots for getting upvotes and making money. I'm not saying they don't like the platform, but they are not for the community, that's for sure. 

We are all different, but if you really want  to know a user, check his/her engagement and you can decide if the user loves the platform and community. 


It is very easy or not easy to prove that I love this(musing) platform and community.

Musing is a platform where you can ask questions and give answers to others questions. There are many user who don't know about steemit and that's why they ask questions here to know the unknown. You can also ask questions and give answers to others questions. By giving answers you are not only help the newbies to know the unknown but also earn cryptocurrency by getting upvotes from musing. Musing only supports right, original and creative writings.

If you love a platform and community and when you have to prove it to others then you have to contribute more and more on that platform and community.

When you have to prove it that you love musing platform and community then you have to ask questions and give right answers to others questions. You also also upvote the right, original and creative writings. If you things that there need any changes or development then you can also tell about that to the platform owner. The most thing is that you have to spend most of your time in our loving platform and community. As musing gives upvotes to the creative writers then you can also give SP delegation to musing so that they can support more.

You can easy prove that you love a platform and community by doing this things.

  1. My engagement in this platform on day to day basis both passionately and persistently is a testimony that I love this platform to the bottom of my core.
  2. I have seen many ups and down of steem price right from Aug 2016(the month of my joining) to Dec 2018, yet I never acted like the graph of steem price rather my activity on steem blockchain is always firm, stable and consistent. There will be many more ups and downs in future too, but I will not be sagged by those action and I will make myself firm with steem blockchain with regard to my activity. That is yet another testimony to my love & commitment for this platform.
  3. I have always respected the community guidelines and always tried to create content with the spirit of the community guidelines, that shows my integrity with this platform.
  4. I have always tried to make value engagement and always tried to discuss anything productively and not by any means which could lead to spam or plagiarize and that shows my clear and transparent intent for this community.
  5. I have seen good times as well as bad times in terms of rewards but I never allowed those things to affect my activity here on steem blockchain, that shows my passion again for this community.
  6. I learned a lot here from this community and there have been an addition of  lot of values from my engagement with steem blockchain and over a period of time those values have matured me as a better content creator and that shows my dedication for this community.
  7. With steemit only I got to know about so many blockchain projects and I got to understand about blockchain technology by reading many great articles of different blockchain projects from the contents created by great authors and writers. That is really a great value addition in my life in terms gaining knowledge and that is why I always continue with steemit just like the regular cup of tea.

Thank you and Have a great day.


At the moment, I engage more here on Steemit more than any other social media platform. I learn a lot of things from different niches on here. If I want to know about the latest on any niche, I just click on their tag and I'm there.

I also learn many things about my favorite niche from engaging here.

How I prove that I love this platform will be

1. I spend much time on steemit that my friends and even my girlfriend knows about that. I no longer share much personal information about my daily activities anywhere else but on steemit. So that is the way I prove my love for this great platform.

2. I also organize a contest weekly where three winners emerge after the payout of the contest post. The reason i organize the weekly contest is i want to create a fun environ where you just get to answer questions, the first three people with the highest upvotes wins the contest.

3. I have been a member of the Abuja Steemian for almost a year now. I am also a member of so many communities on steemit. I joined this communities to prove my love for steemit.


I always write one day one post. I try to keep my consistency in writing something via steemit or I use some other dAPPs such as utopian, esteem, busy, steempress, musing, steemhunt, etc.  I give curation to other interesting posts. Giving good comments to their posts or resteem some good posts. I love steemit.


The time I spend here to engage on this platform is the ultimate proof that I love the platform and believe in its success. There's an adage in my place that says "time is money", Anything that can take considerable amount of your time must be very important to you and since I spend a good amount of my time here engaging daily, it shows that I love it


Always make good and useful contributions, that's the only way for me to prove that i love musing.io and all steem dApps.