How is your perspective about the scriptures is a fiction?

The scripture is not a fiction and the reason for this is because the scripture has real life setting, names of people who have existed and it is actually aligned with some record of historic events in the past and this is definitely not what fiction is.  hen you say something is a fiction then all the name, happening, record, dates and places and setting are obviously fabricated, but this is definitely not true of the bible.

I love the fact that you raised this question I think the perception or the perspective of people is actually not even needed in this kind of question it is the statement of fact or proof about the originality and authenticity of the bible that actually matters more. There has been many archaeologist who actually prove that some historical events actually align with the bible and actually the date. That is why when you go to some places like Jerusalem you will still see the evidences of places like golgotha and the place where Jesus was nailed to the cross all these places have now become tourist attraction for people to actually see and also a living evidences of the proof of the existence and originality of the bible.

So the bible is actually real and not mere fiction there are more than one million evidences to show that the bible is actually true and the events and happenings inside of them and not being stories but actually happened and dated back tens and hundreds of centuries ago, so my perspective here is not actually the answer to this question this is because only proof and evidence is the answer to this question. I didn't actually considered the spiritual aspect of the bible's authenticity because I wanted you to see the physical proof as to the reasons why the bible is actually real and not fake or fiction


The scripture is not a fiction neither a myth of the old. Sometimes I wonder why people still question regarding religion, could it be that they are not yet convinced about what they believe or do not believe anything at all. If one has to study the Bible , a person will understand that it's more than a human wisdom to coin it up. It contain prophecy that was fulfilled and is still fulfilling.

I regard the Bible as the oldest book with the latest Information, it holds prophecy of things to come which is presently happening and it tells the mind of people and how the world will operate in later years and this has been proven to be accurate. So I doubt if a human was able to see the future if a Spiritual and more powerful being was behind it.