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Will the State or World Bank create its own criptocurrency?

The best is to forgive and to forget. But a proper understanding is required so as not to make a mistake all in the name of forgiving and forgetting. Let me use a scenario to explain my point.

Let's say I lend my friend some money which he promises to pay back in one month. One month goes by, I hear nothing. Two months, three months go by, and my friend doesn't respond. Even after a year, my friend keeps avoiding me.

If this friend of mine then comes to me, say one year and the half later and begs me to lend him some money again and that he'll pay back in one month again, what do I do?

I have two options,

1. Send him away in anger asking him to never

show his face where I am again, or

2. Lend him the money.

But by lending him the money I'll be stupid to honestly expect my money back in one month simply based on previous experience. This is where forgiving and forgetting comes in.

Forgiving is simply not holding any grudge against my friend anymore. Forgetting is not allowing my friend's actions in the past prevent me from being of assistance to him subsequently. Such that the next time I lend him money I prepare myself to not get it back, but I still lend it to him anyways.

That's what forgiving and forgetting is about. We shouldn't seek to do one and not the other, rather we should strive to be able to do both.

I hope this makes sense. Thanks.


Usually people say forget it just forgetting is so difficult but the real thing is forgiveness. Its easier to say than doing it but anything should be done completely and Forgetting just gives you temporary relief you won't get real satisfaction and relief. Deep down you will be at the same time and place where your heart broke. No difference in if its your own self.

For complete and healthier way to move on, forgiveness is better.

Plus there are many benefits of forgiving someone or even your self.

*Healthier relationships.

*Improved mental health

*Less anxiety and stress

*Improved selfesteem

These benefits are only for those who forgive or even try to forgive. Holding a grudge will only do the bad to you or the opposite of the same benefits that come with forgiveness.

You will begin to heal When you let go of past hurts, forgive those who have done wrong with you and learn to forgive yourself for your mistakes.


Forgiveness does not change the past,

But it does change the future. We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. There is some good in words of us and some evil in the best of us. When we come to know this we try to forgive as we want for us forgiveness.

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It's possible that one can forgive and at the same time forget but it's impossible to forget without forgiving, so it's either one forgives and forget or just forgive without forgetting. Forgiveness is necessary as a Christian if one desire to be forgiven of his own mistake and forgetting is a choice. Some people choose not to forget because they refer to it as a lesson while others forget to take away the burden of hurt from them.

For the past years, I have been practicing forgive and also forget because nurturing offense is another factor that causes psychological effect in ones life and again that our heavenly father can also forgive me my sins.

I understand, no one is perfect and to live the live one dream of , of unity and peace then we need to practice forgiveness and also the habit of forgetting. To me I prefer that one forgive and also forget.


 Personally I believe in a quote from Honore De Balzac: "We can forgive, but forget, it's impossible."

To forgive and forget is to put a lesson of life next to it. Increase the probability of making the same mistake again and carry it to the end without stopping to say "hold there is an air of have seen here" repeating his blunders again and again to infinity, to forgive a betrayal once and you are a beautiful soul, a second, a third, an eternal, and everyone will blame you for allowing you to be betrayed, and of good soul you pass to the poor stupid guy. The others who made you wrong and to whom you forgive and then forget you will take for a person aquise will never think of what would hurt you, what would hurt you since anyway it is forgiven, swept .

Forgive and remember. Life is an experience where it would be stupid to make the same mistakes forever. This is what memory serves!


I would say forgiving is better but never forgetting.

We all have to learn from mistakes so forgetting wouldn't be helpful. If we forget the same mistake can happen again and again. That wouldn't be smart.

Like most things in life we learn from mistakes and that is what makes us better as we rarely duplicate mistakes. How sad would our lives be if we kept on doing the same thing over and over again never learning.

That is why I say forgive ,but never forget.


I choose to forgive someone's mistakes, if we forget someone's mistakes, we might not be able to forgive that person's mistakes. If we have forgiven someone's fault by itself we will forget the guilt of that person.

Forgiving someone's mistakes can also establish a better relationship going forward, whether as a friend or as a brother and so forth.

It's hard to forgive someone's mistakes is true, but we also cannot live in a state of burden of someone else's mistakes that cannot be forgiven and that will always haunt your life.


@Ijoel, May be not or may be yes, if yes, it's not an surprising aspect because in my opinion if bank will launch it's own Cryptocurrency then we can expect one thing for sure and that is Centralised System then in my opinion there will not be lot of difference between Fiat and Cryptocurrency if it's under Centralised System.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂