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What is your perspective about men who have erectile dysfunction who do not want to seek treatment and how do you motivate him to treat?

Well being able to do your job in the bedroom as a man is a pretty big deal and not being able to do it is a date that's probably worse than death to most men, especially since a lot of guys draw confidence from their performance in the bedroom.

No guy ever wants to go about talking to people about their inability to get an erection and it may not be that they don't want to seek treatment, it could just be that they don't want to talk to you about it. These kind of things are personal for men and believe me when I say they've probably gone to see a doctor about the matter with or without your knowledge.

I imagine that the news they got wasn't encouraging and they're seemingly not willing to get any treatment because he knows just exactly what the doctor is going to say. It could also be that their just afraid of what they might hear if they go to the doctor so they're unwilling to go and see a doctor at all.

There could be a ton of reasons why guys who have erectile dysfunction might not want to get treatment, alot of them will probably stem from the shear level of embarrassment that they feel from having their condition and simply talking about it with someone else may be too much for them.

I'd recommend calling a doctor over to come and see them, that way they can't avoid going to the doctor because he/she is right there. Don't let others know about his condition and make sure that it stays strictly between the two of you and the doctor. It could destroy him if people find out about it.

I hope this helps.


first of all it sounds very weird that there are a man will have erectile dysfunction and still do not want to seek treatment,i would want to believe that such man is either assuming that he is not really suffering from the problem or probably he is depressed and confused and is not just interested in anything including treatments....

i believe you can only motivate the person to go for treatment only when the person have also prepared their own mind to try and go for treatment,first of all you need to make the person understand the dangers that could occur to their health if they refuse to get treated concerning the health issue he is facing...but if after the education the 

person still insist on not going for the treatment then i guess its time to invited a psychologist to meet the person and make the pscyhologist to be able to use their professional experience to know what is exactly is bothering the person and while he is not interested to get the treatment....