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Based on last month's market overview (November) where steem which is ranked # 49 out of the top 50 cryptocurrency has lost its value as much as 57.5% and became one of the worst in steem history, well, How is the value of steem in this month (December)?


Nobody knows and there is a lot of uncertainty hovering around it. If the situation persists like this then many regular bloggers will disappear. I think the time has come to do something different and steemit along with witnesses need to discuss and come out with a solution. You can not be dependent on the outside factors too much. One need to find out a solution within its own community.

I am afraid how the witnesses are running their nodes at this low cost. I heard that they are struggling too. The upvote bots are almost dead, no earning for them also and many application are relying on steemit. 

Considering all this, we as steem users can only hope for the best and at max we can do blogging and at this moment there is no more scope for normal users too.

In tokenized community this is a setback, as when the price hits a low point, it really becomes difficult to survive and that is because we all have conditioned to earn those money in past, so we are not in a position to accept this and we are feeling hesitant.

Let's hope December be a month to push steem to a reasonable level where one can see a hope to remain active again.


In my opinion, it will be worse.

Why?, because this month, peoples really need money for Xmas, End Year, New Year, and Long Holiday (maybe vacation, travelling, etc).

But, there is still chance at the mid of December because there will be HardFork BCH again. If it's positive, i am sure Bitcoin (BTC) will rise again, so do other altcoins.


There is very little that one can do. The whole market is down. We shouldn't be looking at history either as this is new territory for all crypto.

Steem is undervalued and shouldn't be at number 48. This will change in the coming months. The outside influence with market manipulations us out if our control.

Remain positive and if users leave it is their loss. They will return regretting their mistake. It is easier to grow now and that us what we should worry about. Worry about the things you can do and not about things you have no control.over.