Which is better between wearing underwear and not wearing it?

This is definitely a funny question but there are serious aspects in this question as well. There are situations where wearing underwear may not make sense at all. I would like to highlight some situations where people will not need a underwear. Here again a small disclaimer that I don't know how it for women but from men's perspective I will be able to provide some details. 

Sunny day

This usually happens in countries that are near equator. People usually avoid wearing underwear in those countries because over heat can sometimes complicate the condition of the skin and irritate the skin. 

People who trek

People who usually trek or hike have lots of preferences for wearing underwear. If you are walking long distance with boxers it can be really disturbing and it even creates problem in between the legs. They know it very well and they wear something that fits perfectly instead of being kind of lose. 

Cold climate

This is usually a comfortable climate for wearing underwear. During cold climates and people who are in cold region don't find it really challenging to wear an underwear. 

Discomfort during travel

Underwear can be quite a discomfort during travel. I usually travel long distances in my bike. While doing so, I have faced challenges with underwear. But at the same time we will also not be able to skip wearing underwear during travel as it will make us feel awkward. 


well, all depends on the place and time. 

for women, its okay to let the lady parts breath when they can. its therefore advised to let air in when u are at home and in loose clothing, especially at night. 

the explanation for this was logical,  as the vagina is prone to infections and wetness and moisture creates a breeding ground for more bacterias that could result to infections. 

letting the area breath and keeping it dry reduces the chance for bacterial infections. 


Here in Venezuela we are about to find out. Yesterday, I passed by an underwear store (my wife wanted to get some for my mother, who is visiting us) and the prices are outrageous. I had already read a funny report about men in Maracaibo, a city on the north west part of the country, that said that 9 out 0f 10 men were not wearing underwear, not because Maracaibo is Venezuela's hottest city but because of the prices.

A piece of underwear is costing half a salary now. It's going to be very hard for an average worker to afford it. So, I guess that regardless of the moral or hygenic issues involved, we will be forced to start a new fashion.

That being said, whether wearing is better than not wearing will be a matter of taste and circumstances, I guess. Some people, because of the kinds of clothes they wear for work, for instance, may not find it convenient not to wear underwear. If, on top of that, they work in cold environments, not to wear underwear may be a terrible idea. 

Thus, practicality, environment, and personal taste will pretty much determine which one is better in every occasion. If we are relaxed, in the privacy of home, not wearing may provide an additional sense of freedom and comfort.


LOL - Interesting question.

For me, i will wear underwear if i travel, but i will not wearing it while i am at home. 

Well, according to research, our lower body is the most sensitive part. If we wear pants too long, then there may be minor injuries, and of course our [mr. p] doesnt have the freedom to move (it's also not healthy).


It depends on your gender and on your age. I am a 26 years old male. Are you female and are you around 20-30 years old?

If yes, then my answer is definitely "not wearing it". :D

Let's get serious: I am wearing underwear every day. If I wear pants, then I also wear underwear. I take off my underwear only when I go to take a shower (at least once a day) or go to the toilet. I change my underwear and my socks daily.


 I wear underwear, it just feels wierd not too. Plus I don't really want skidmarks in my clothes.