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How do we prove that Jesus is God with the theory of Islamic theology?
One of the attributes / characteristics of God is taught in the concept of Islamic faith that God is different from makhkuk

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The simple answer is that you cannot. It is blasphemous to consider Jesus as the son of God in Islam, Within Islam, Allah has no sons. Islam does not recognise the trinity of father, son and holy spirit thus it is impossible to reconcile Jesus as his son.

This is one of the main differences between Christianity and Islam although of course Jesus, and his mother Mary are held in very high esteem within Islam with Jesus being acknowledged as a special prophet who was given a message by God to convey to the people, to wit, the gospels and to foretell the coming of the prophet Mohammed. Islam also believes in the virgin birth.

Islam, like Christianity also believes that Jesus will return on the day of judgement to destroy the anti-christ.

There are many similarities shared by the Abrahamic religions, tracing back to their shared roots but of course, many divisive differences creating friction and violence.

There are very few artistic impressions of Islamic Jesus in art, although some exist, painted by Mughal Artists but as we all know, drawings and paintings of humans, especially revered religious figures is considered idolatry and as such a cardinal sin against Allah and is absolutely forbidden in the Quran. 

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Christians believe Jesus (also called Jesus Christ, Jesus of Galilee and Jesus of Nazareth) was the son of God who was sent by God on earth to save us from evils and sins. They call him Messiah (savior). He was a Jew who became a religious preacher and reformer. His teachings were against the fundamentalist beliefs of the orthodox Jews of that time. Hence, he was arrested, tried and executed for his teachings. His followers are known as Christians and he is the central figure in Christianity.

Jesus is also an important figure in Islam. Koran referred him as Isa. Koran reveres him as a prophet who was sent with a special message Injil (Bible) from Allah. However, Muslims don’t believe that Jesus was the son of God. Islam doesn’t believe in ‘original sin’, hence, according to this belief there is no need of sending the savior. Thus it nullifies the crucifixion of Jesus. Islamic text purports that Jesus was spared of death and assumed into heaven before his actual death.

Islam also believes that Jesus will return on earth on the judgment day and will destroy the ad-dajjal—anti-Christ or the imposter.

However, Islam rejects Christians’ claim that Jesus was the son of God. Islam reveres Jesus and considers him as an important prophet but rejects his status as the son of God. Islam believes in one God which it called Allah who is invisible and almighty. Islam is a strictly monotheistic religion which believes in one God. So, there is no possibility of worshiping Jesus as God in Islam. So, Jesus cannot be proved as God according to Islamic doctrine. Judaism out-rightly rejects this claim while Islam accepts him as an important prophet. It must be noticed that prophets are just servants of God according to Islamic doctrine. They are nothing compared to God. 

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