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What did you see first from a girl?

7 Things First Seen by Men From Women


Precisely the first thing a man sees from a woman is the eye. Yeap, because it is a window of the heart, eyes always attract the attention of men who try to read the contents of women's hearts.

Without realizing it, actually the eye also tells a glimpse of your life to the man who is now in front of you. He will immediately find out if you are honest, whether you are just talking or hiding something.


The second thing that is seen and attracts men's attention is a smile. What is the meaning of having a beautiful face if you never smile. Indeed, women should show a friendly smile to make every heart fall boyfriend.

Even the power of this smile defeats all types of makeup that you apply on your face.


This is why you should pay attention to your hairstyle. Called a crown because it is also the center of attention of the eyes of men. Women often underestimate this, leaving the appearance of their hair messy, not combed, not neatly arranged.

Even if women want to take the time to arrange their hair, men will be more easily amazed at him.

Anyway, one more thing you need to pay attention to from your hair is the cleanliness and fragrance. Lazy washing your hair will leave an unpleasant aroma because the hair is filled with dust, dirt and oil.


This one might surprise you, but it makes sense that feet are another thing that is the center of attention for men. Look at the shoe designers, most of whom are men, Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, and others assume that the woman's legs are very attractive and beautiful.

This is also one of the main reasons that you pay attention to the cleanliness and softness of the skin, and look for footwear that is not only comfortable but also beautiful to look at.


Now, come to the thing you have expected. No doubt men really like this part of a woman's body. Not only pleasing to the eye, but men also have a series of imagination about it.

And caring for the texture and beauty of boobs is no less important than caring for other body parts. You can try weight training to keep your chest tight and up.


Men prefer to see women with clean skin, ok we repeat clean skin, not white skin. Women often misunderstand this one thing and assume that beautiful women are women whose skin is white. In fact, for men just look at clean skin, free of pimples and blemishes, to make him fall in love.

Now you can start focusing on the condition of your skin, not looking for whitening treatments but skin care that will make your skin clean and soft.


Don't suppose that men's clothing tastes bad. When it comes to assessing the appearance of women, men are experts. And actually men don't feel attracted to clothes that are too open. Men prefer to see smart women choose clothes that can reveal their personality.

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What I first saw from a girl was morality. Because morality is something eternal. Maybe people in general will see their beauty. I think beautiful is relative. So I choose good morals.

But it's not hypocritical either. Everyone really likes beautiful girls. But this is about my first choice.