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What is your perspective on the role of women in today's political world?

I think if we look at democracy these days you will definitely find out that women has not been given permission to influence government, take up big political offices and influence the principle of modern system of governance just like the way men have been given, it is like there is a limitation and monopoly of government to masculinity which is definitely unfair to me full stop in the past we could see that women influenced leadership women like margaret thatcher, even hillary clinton as the wife of Bill Clinton take a look at Ellen johnson Sirleaf of Liberia that was the only female ever president to ever come out of Africa and you will see that women I'm making so much statement only that their chances are limited.

I think the word still sires or have a perception that a woman would never match a man's achievement and prospects when it comes to politics and this was proven when Donald Trump won the election in the united states, you could see that Hillary clinton had prospects she was a woman that would have made so much difference in government because even when you attend or watch her manifesto hearings during her unveiling to people in order to vote for her you would find out that she had more prospect than Donald Trump and even people knew this but that mentality remains that the electorate do not think it is trustworthy to place such a powerful nation such as the united states in the hands of a woman this was definitely their notion even if it wasn't spoken.

So in my opinion I think women have a lot of role to play when it comes to politics African countries have been notorious for not giving women chances when it comes to politics but I think the world hasn't seen democracy from the perspective of a woman yet and this is something we definitely need to try out . A woman was the head of the committee that wrote the 1942 seven fundamental principles of human rights and she was the head. So I think a woman deserves better chances when it comes to politics and this only can be done if belief is placed on them I definitely, so I think woman will play decisive role in futuristic governance even in countries with world powers, so I think woman should be gradually introduced into the mix, I believe they will do so well.


Though women still need lots of room for development and engagement into politics around the world, but what status they are holding now is really appreciable and I am very much positive for the upcoming change in politics for their role. 

We can see hundreds of women political leader around the world which I think is a positive change. I am from a country where the Prime Minister and Opposition party leader both are women. So I can feel the difference better than anyone could, I think. 

> In politics there are so many room to help the community, build up nationality, international relation, international politics and others. In this busy situation 'women empowerment and development may fade a little bit. That is the point why women leader needed into politics. 

> There are different laws exist around the world which are not that much women friendly, or need o improve to help develop the women. So what the elected body could do will never be possible to do by any regular women. They can change the law for better development.

> Women can speak up for unrepresented community around the world. The underdeveloped community need women help because women leader have more empathy and softness to help others.

> Political women can help other women for development. They can help each other to build a better community thus a better world. 

> There is term 'welfare politics' and I think women are more capable in to it than men. So why not elect more women into politics and help them create a better world.

Though the percentage of women in politics is very low in term of men's participation, but what they are doing with this little proportion is amazing.

I think we need more women in to politics to start welfare politics, to empower other women and thus to develop the whole society.

We also need to get rid of the obstacles women are facing around the world and give them the chance to do better. I think the present status of women in politics is appreciable but we really need more engagement and development in this arenas.


Public space for women, especially in the political world is a natural thing, there is nothing excessive, although many people doubt the idea, but I believe women have a pretty good share in the world of politics.

In Indonesia, especially for women, there is a need to represent women in parliament, and that is one of the things that must be appreciated. As a woman I strongly support the representation of women in the political world, moreover women have presentations to choose the excess in any part of the country, and that is a pretty positive benchmark for the movement of women in the political world in the future.