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According to your observations, is steemit social media or business media?

I think your question should be about Steem and not Steemit. It is much easier to create a business on Steem than it is to do so on Steemit. They are both two different things, Steemit is one entry point to the Steem Block Chain. Busy.org Steempeak.com are other entry points that support bloging or publication of material online. There are other services like Steem Monsters where you do not even have to go to Steemit or Busy or Steempeak to have Steem now,

A new entry point can be made to suit alternative business models. For business the only factor is the acceptance of Steem 

From what I have seen it is a piece of both at the moment, It does have the ability to support both, Maybe we actually need a bit of both, When we go to a Mall of Shopping centre, There are many services and products on offer.

For myself it is more social media, Writing my opinions and putting them out there, I would like to start a revolution of change and take some of that corporate power away from those who hold it. I would do this through a Block chain owned company. 

Well it would start of as non profit and eventually become block chain owned.

Business can function here just as well. They may like to format their own entry point to the platform depending on the business. 

My view is that it can do both and will do better with both, Having both means both have a bigger ausience that can be reached, Those making a product might find a business buyer, Those business may find members that will use the business,

We have a chance with each to succeed, The chance of success with both is greater than x 2. Just because of the volume of membership throughout the Steem eco-system.


Steemit is social media. However, the blockchain network system can act as both (social media, business model), or even have wider functions. This is due to the open source nature that allows everyone to create dApps above the blockchain system for their own purposes.


Steemit is a blogging social media. In any social platform, we have those that are there just to connect with like minded individuals, we also have those that are therebto share their ideas with others, we also have those that are there to advertise products and services and finally we have those that are there strictly for business purposes. Steering has all of these people in its ecosystem.

One thing that makes steering standout is the originality that it promotes. Regardless of what a person does, he/she has a place on steering, so steering is a social media that promotes originality.


Maybe both. Business social media.

We are all earning money with Steemit and with the Steem blockchain. Some people are investing their own money into Steem, Steem Power, Steem Dollars (SBD). A lot of people are exchanging their earnings. Either by exchanging Steem Dollars (SBD) to Steem (and vice-versa) on the internal market or by exchanging Steem and/or Steem Dollars (SBD) to other cryptocurrencies on external exchanges.

Many people are selling their upvotes. I also used to sell my upvotes, but nowadays my upvote don't even worth a single cent ($0.01), so the selling is paused for undefined time.

Another aspect: Certain people are operating bid bots, this is also business. Mostly for them. But some people are using them to push their posts to the trending page.