Is the democratic system effective in Islamic countries?

Most of the Islamic countries are now practicing to be more open and many of them already adopted democratic culture.

As I am from a Muslim county, here in my country there is two laws and they are working well side by side. The general law and the religious law. When there comes any misconduct then the court first impose general law, but in some life related matters like- marriage and distribution of property among families are followed the Muslim law. 

We also have liberal political party as well as Muslim political party. People choose them depends on their choice. The government is running as a democratic one, all the system, formation and rules are democratic. I found no problem with that.

As the world order is changing, so I think other Muslim countries will follow the same in future. Yeah, it is true that, if you want to go 1005% through the Muslim law, it is impossible to impose democratic system. But as the opinion of the people changing, the country law changing and everything is becoming more tolerable, so countries are also becoming democratic.

Most of the Islamic countries does not have a 100% effective democratic system, as most of them have another law implementing side by side. But I think formation of the government, law evaluation and including peoples opinion can make it more effective.

But I believe only making it effective can not be the solution. As the citizens of the Muslim world still obey, follow and like most of their religious laws. So totally abolishing it and imposing democratic system can make them unhappy. So balancing in between the system is more likely preferred in these Muslim countries.



I think it depends on the Islamic country. It works well in Malaysia. Well what happens in countries like Malaysia and Brunei is that there are two laws with comes side by side. For those who are non Muslim will abide to the Civil law and law of the common man.

Those who are Muslims in the country, the countries as mentioned, are subjected to both the syariah rule which is the Islamic rule and the civil rule. The syariah law in the country isn't that strict as the ones that isis imposes. Stealing doesn't lead to hand chopping or adultery doesn't lead to stoning.

The Muslims here have a choice to cover their face or not. One strict part about the Muslim law here is that, those who are not married cannot be in the same room for a night and occasionally there are police raids which are not often.