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Who is your biggest motivator in living this life?


Achievements are the big motivation for me. Some people have big achievement and they are ideal for others. Some time people make plan and they have different idea in life. Because they impressed from someone achievement. Ideal are those person whom life is more successful and have some meaning and achievement in their life . Motivation is necessary in our life if you achieve some goals and success in your life. 

Some people have faith inside and some people have fear. They have not much confidence inside. They get better decisions and plan because of motivate by other in their life that things are increased motivation in their life. People are motivated by other people who are successful who are peaceful they are sharp and talented people they are more strong in their confidence in the demonstration. They are hard work they have some experiences they also get success and failure as well in their life but after some achievement they become motivator for other person.

# What we not do

  • Never give up behaviour
  • Self confidence
  • Don't cry due to failure
  • Think bigger and batter

When we follow the motivator than we need to adobe some good behaviour some good activities and never think about the failure. Always be confident and hard work person. Our failure is good teachers for use. So, don't cry on failure. because Failure is the good teacher or office. Always watch Big dream if you think big then you get big.

# Real motivator

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • successful person
  • history heroes
  • psychology expert etc.


People life Experiences and interest are  different from other. That's why they have different habit Desire want and need. some people motivate each person but it's vary person to person. Motivator are those person who achieved some Goal who have some skill who have patience who are good communicator. Motivation is boost for us and motivator are those person who give motivation to us to move our life on right path.

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There are a couple of times I've been to the bottom state of my life. Anxiety, depression and sorrow but whenever I am faced in that situation, my family is always there. They can't be able to support me in financial aspects but the care and the love they show are the ones I needed the most and everything in me re-energized.

I have been always dreaming of supporting my family for success. This is my main reason why I continue to climb hard despite how steep the mountain is. In everything that I do, they are always part of it.

And will always will. They are my main reason why I'm still fighting for this moment. I am still on my bearish days (Thanks to Steemit, I was able to give them a glimpse of success) and I'm positive enough that I can deliver more. With constant blessings and guidance from above, I'm all in for them.

Yes, they are the main motivators living in this life. Living always with them is a treasure for me. I may not be a perfect son, brother, grandson to them but I love them. I want to give the very best in me for them.


My answer would sounds a little wired to you, but it is the truth. 

The biggest motivation in my life is ME.

I have to go through many struggle in my life. I lost my Dad eight years ago, which throw me into depression. I have to take medication and counselling. He was my Hero, my companion, my friend and everything. Loosing him was a difficult life lesson for me. It affects my social life as well as hamper my education. 

After so many ups and downs I came back to my life five years ago. And that is when I understand there is no one in my life who could help me, no one who could give me support, no one to motivate me; if I could not motivate me, support me and hold the hand of me. It may sounds wired but that's what happen to me.

I used to motivate myself to say all kind of positive words, meditate myself to do good for me. No motivational speaker, no family member, no friend could help me to do that. 

If you learn how depression works may be you could understand a little what I am saying. 

And now when I see myself, I see a different me; full of energy, positivity, motivate to a live a happy life.  

So who should be my motivation other than me in my life! 

Thanks for your question.


My biggest motivator in my life is probably my own parents and my wife. Everytime I hit a rock, they would usually be there for me. No matter how hard things would be, they would be there to help.

My mom and my wife are my biggest cheerleaders in my life.

The idols I have that have shaped my life are the Warren Buffet and Bill gates. They are super duper rich but yet humble and have always stayed true to their roots. They have never spent lavishly and always have taken their time to contribute to society. Both came from humble roots and have solid principles in the way they have accumulated wealth. The lesson I've learnt from them is that, i should always work hard but smart and stay true to the roots.


I would love to be able to say that my greatest motivation is me, but that's not the case. Not when I haven't fully learned to love myself.

It would seem absurd that my greatest motivation in life has become a band of boys, who despite not knowing them physically, have given me more support than the rest of the people. They are helping me to trust myself.

In the falls I've had in my life (teenage stuff) I just listen to one of their songs and it motivates me to face what happened, because if it were up to me, I would be locked up for life waiting for my death.

So while I reinforce my own self, my biggest motivation in life would be BTS.