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What are the positive and negative effects of Google?

Whoever using Internet can not deny the fact that Google has become heart and soul of internet for common public. Internet itself is a two sided sword so Google is no exception to it.

Positive Effects: 

  • Quickly find what you are looking for.
  • Easy and most relevant information would be available while using its search engine.
  • Easy to get images, based on color size format etc.
  • Email service, GMail, is the most widely used email ID in the world
  • Google photos provide cloud storage, so all you photos from phone are auto-backed up and no need to worry about device storage
  • Google home/assistant provides voice based services, home automation. It is a bliss to have it as assistant.

Negative Effects:

  • Privacy, privacy, privacy - this is the main concern with google. It knows too much about us.
  • Google has many ongoing secret projects which may or may not see the day, but definitely decisive. 
  • Its map is not really helpful for driving directions. You may end up in a narrow lane if you blindly follow its map.
  • You become too much dependent on it, that you can't think Internet without Google, which is not correct. There are many other great tools and alternatives.

Hope this answers your question. Google is definitely good in few areas but it is not the only thing in the world of Internet.


The positives are that because it is one of (if not) the biggest companies in the world it has loads of money to throw at research and development, and thus creates some of the best apps on the market. A while back I tried to move away from Google and look for alternatives, but they do have the best apps alot of the time. Google translate is a good example - there are others available but they are either not as good or charge for use. Google maps is another example of this.

The major negative of Google is that because their products are 'free' we end up paying with our data, and that nothing is really kept private. Google is essentially working as one of the biggest marketing companies, with the apps they develop as a byproduct of trying to gain and sell our data. I often try and share as little as possible with Google (and Facebook etc), as I know that they use it to target ads and then sell my data to marketing companies. Unfortunatley there isnt always a way around this.

On top of this Google and other social media websites are becoming more and more smart with drawing in users, and keeping them engaged - and thus meaning we are spending more and more time on out devices. They call this the 'attention economy' - there are so many attention hours in a day and there are many apps competing for our time and thus they have to be smarter and more sneaky to keep us engaged!


Well Google is a lovely search engine which anyone can use in other to get wonderful informations which could make them have more knowledge and become a better person in life,there are many educational materials

which someone can get for free by simply searching through Google you can have access to those educational materials no matter where they are,you can also use google search engines to look for different ways you can make money on the internet or the various business ideas which you can do and start becoming successful..

But the truth about google is that it produces any kind of informations which you seek for,so whether the information is good or bad for the society the google search engines will still bring out such information even when the information could be damaging the moral aspect of the society....I believe google is a wonderful tool to use but it also depends on the individual using it,if you want to use it positively you will use it,if you want to use it negatively you will use it too...


Google has only one positive side which is convenience. It's easy to use, simple to understand, the information is displayed neatly and thus, it is very convenient to use. 

It isn't faster or better in finding out the right results than its counterparts.

On the contrary, Google has been found to "fix" result on certain search entries, consequently shaping the publics opinion about any event, person, company, and pretty much anything else they want.  

Google is nothing but a propaganda machine, pushing out the agenda of their overlords. 

Apart from that, they collect, store and sell our data. They build up and create our digital identity based on our search entries and use that information to make incredible amounts of money on illegally mining our data. 

For that reason I suggest anyone who is still using Chrome for convenience, to switch to DuckDuckGo, a browser that will return honest, real, unbiased results for your searches and won't track your search entries, or mine your data to sell it to advertisers.