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What is your perspective on father who raped his own child?

I don't know what to say to such kinds of human. Are they human or not, I am also not sure. 

Thinking about the issue is making me uncomfortable, as I am also a mother. I am not sure how a person could do that. But as it happens around the world, so we can not just keep aside the matter.

May be they are pedofile, dominating, abused in their own life, or have a unhealthy sex life in past, I do not know, what makes them that. They lost the place to be called  Father. 

Rape is a crime and I think in those cases the person should immediately sentenced to death. There should not be any other low. Social value, ethical education and healthy family relation also should be encouraged. 

It is may be a phycological disorder, I have no other suitable explanation. The person should be punished immediately and should not be in the social intraction anymore. That ould be better for all of us.    


If given the opportunity I won't want rapists to ever exist in even the form of an inanimate object. Rape is a very grieving act against the raped and the society at large

When I hear of cases about fathers molesting their daughters they ought to protect it always do get to me. The pain of those girls is something that made me grieve.

It will be a good thing if the society and government comes with a strong law against the act of rape

Fathers that rape their children are monsters that shouldn't have exist


When you talk about a father raped his own child,  i see it not as a form of paedophilia  but as a form of psychological  disorder. 

It is practically a  taboo where I'm from for siblings to have an affair talk more of a father raping his own child.  It is  the height of insanity and psychological disorder. 

Personally i am biased towards such kind of fathers,  if i were to be a judge in this case i would sentence such a father to death by lethal injection because he doesn't  qualify to be a father  talkmore of calling him one. 

However,  no matter the reason,  rape is a crime punishable  by the law and raping one's  child is a grievous  offence that should be punishable by death because if the law allows such type of father to go to jail,  it's  like giving him some time off for vacation and he would continue still whenever he gets out of prison and he would be much more lethal. 


Well some actually do it just because they really want to do it due to their sheer wickedness....

Some of such wicked fathers are realy pedophiles.,they are Narcissists.,they are sadists. they are Thoughtless,some of them are Anti-social.

Some of them just really like the power of dominating wrongfully ....

Some of them really have been molested by their own fathers too...

but the truth of the matter is that all of them are really CRIMINALS and any father that does such wicked act should be punished by law......

I really believe that there are millions or even billions of fathers that are really caring and loving and they would never think of harming their children......