Do you ever dream that steem prices will rise at $ 100?

Do I dream about it?  Absolutely!  Do I think that it will ever actually happen?  Probably not...  There have only been a handful of crypto currencies that have reached that level.  Most of them are more widely used or they have some other big promotion behind them to get them to that level.

EOS is one of the next great things depending on who you listen to and what you choose to believe, but it has never topped the $25 mark. 

I think there would have to be a tremendous fundamental shift in the way coins and tokens are viewed before we would ever seen STEEM reach anywhere near that price.

I think at this point dreaming about $5 is a bit more realistic.  I think when I started on Steemit, the price was right around $8 and I have never seen it higher than that.  

I am honestly not sure the platform could handle the number of people that would probably be trying to get on board if the price went up to $100.  I think those of us that have continued to plug away and build our accounts during the dip would be very happy though.  

It would be amazing to see all the of time, effort, and resources I have put in to my account grow exponentially.  I think I would probably be beside myself.  I would be throwing out 100% upvotes all over the place and helping some plankton grow to minnow status.  

It would definitely be pretty game changing for all of us.


Yes. I have big dreams and it would great to dream that one day Steem reach the 100 mark. That would make me a lot richer. Then I would firstly, fly to the US of A and thank Ned for his creation. Maybe make a small statue of him and give it to him.

Imagine just having 1000 steems at the price now. And if it reaches 100 a piece is a whopping 100k and imagine that each week I could just earn 3 Steem. It would be 300 Steem a week. Woo hoo. Then I would sit there on my couch playing with my ps 8 perhaps. With call of duty crypto wars.

Anyways, that's just a dream that I have if it really reaches that price. I don't think it can do that at the moment or anytime in the short term future. There needs to be a huge support base of investors to boost up the demand tremendously. If one day Steem was to integrate as a payment system that we could use like visa or have this joint cooperation with Visa then we might see it rising. But hey anything could happen. Who would know that the btc in the past could now be even worth 4000 a piece. Imagine just having 100 btc from the past. I could be able to create wealth with that. Anything is possible in the crypto world. Then next is that there needs to be a lot of investors who push in big bucks then cryptos would rise a lot.


I do not like to dream about the steem price but instead i just keep my fingers crossed and watch how the steem price unfolds on the cryptocurrency market..

I would really be excited if the steem price could reach 100$ or even more someday and i totally believe it is possible,it all depends on the psychology of the crypto market especially the trading activities and the perceptions of the investors on the crypto market...

I believe that the steem blockchain would keep developing better in the future and it would get more utilized especially with the different dapps which are currently available on the steem blockchain....

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NOT within 10 years time I reckon.


I don't think about this as I try and keep mu feet firmly on the ground. I do believe that the price will surpass $100 at some point in the future. Steem is very undervalued for what it is capable of doing and has loads going for it.

We can only hope and just wait that this day comes.


@Ijoel, I am here for Long Run and i am hoping way beyond that price in future years. Let's hope for the best and we should think positive because it will help us to stay focused on the path. Stay blessed. 🙂


We know that the price of steem must increase. But I do not know to grow $100 . Currently steem prices are very low. Now it's time to buy something steem. It can be said that steem price certainly increases. But I do not know how likely it is to be 100 dollars.

If I go now in the dream and see that the value of steem is $ 100. I'm so happy that I'll lose myself. I imagine I've got a house and bought a lot of cars. All of my dreams will become true if it price 100 $ . I do not know whether it will be possible sometime. But it is believed that this is a good coin. There are several reasons for this to increase. It is very likely that the price is very high for SMT launch soon