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Can religion be separated from politics?

I suppose it depends on what you consider to be religion and how you define politics.

In my mind, they can be separate, but only if people understand the difference. Politics any more seems to be defined by using any means possible, including religion, but also innuendo, half-truths, and other immoral tactics to destroy agendas, foes and movements that don't align with the way of thinking of those in power.

However, if we generalize religion into the broader term 'belief system,' then no, it is virtually impossible to separate the two, because whoever leads will do so according to his or her own belief system, which may or may not include religion, but will certainly be defined by their own morality, sense of justice and by what they ultimately desire. Which means decision making can also be based on gaining power, wealth and other things for the enriching of oneself.

Politics, then, has little to do with actual governance, or doing what's right, but doing anything and everything to maintain power and to either maintain the status quo, or change the status quo.

In the United States, religion and government are separate in that there is no state religion. Everyone is free to believe however they wish, without the government interfering in those beliefs, unless it prevents others from believing as they would, or it inflicts harm on others. That can be left to wide interpretation in and of itself, but for the most part, I believe, it works.

In some places where religion is controlled or squashed outright, that has not meant that the beliefs of the ruling party or individual is left out of the equation. It doesn't mean that decisions have been made solely for the greater good. Whatever morals one takes to the office upon obtaining power are the same ones that are used to govern, unless those morals include holding onto power, no matter the cost. Then the rest of the morals are often sacrificed at the alter of greed, control and dominance.


Religion and politics have the same origin- the society. I believe both are very much interlinked but can be separated. There is not much to do with religion in politics. But , there is always a but- it depends on the culture, religious practice of the country or the total characteristics of the society.

It is much more easy to practice religion and politics separately where the society is more open in nature. But it is not, you can find it very common that religious belief and practices overlaps political behaviours.

It is a common practice to use religious emotions to gain vote and power in politics all over the world. On the other hand if you see the more politically powerful countries like USA or North Korea, you can find out that they don't use religion in to politics. So I believe, using them separately can give us more benefits.

But it also depends on the people's choices. As many of the people still want to be regulated by religious rules and voted the religious parties, so separating them would be a great challenge. It also make clashes, as there are different religious believe and practice in between a single country. That is the other reason some countries trying to be more open towards getting religion out from politics. 

Another thing is, we can see how a specific religion influences the world politics all over the world. War, migration and other issues are coming from this single reason. You can practice it on your country but globally it is still impossible to think the two separately.

In most of the cases, it is nearly impossible to separate the two thing as people still belief and practice religion and they still want to see the reflection of it on politics. It would be a long run to achieve this. People still wants to be more regulated and controlled their greed and creed by religious rules over political laws. So separating religion from politics is really hard to achieve through out the world. 


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Religion and politics are two distinct entities. There are completely different and have no links. But politicians make religion seem to be part of politics because it's a strong tool with which they manipulate religious faithfuls so as to get their support.

Religion is not part of politics, it's only used as a manipulative tool by politicians


In my opinion it has to be separated from politics. Religion is a world view of some individuals. You inevitably run into problems when you as a government which does not separate religion from politics tries to do politics based on religion for all people regardless if they are religious at all or have a different view of the world. Religion should stay a private affair and should never interfere with politics.


Yes, it can and it must be separated! Unfortunately there is no separation in many countries or cases.

I've seen politicians using religion and  using  religious communities to reach their goals and I've also seen  religious communities and religious leaders taking sides, endorsing politicians to get more funds. This is not good in my opinion. 

I prefer politicians to do their job and religious leaders do the same. The church should be impartial. People can decide who to vote, there's no need for politics in churches. 


Well in my own opinion i believe that Religion and politics are really both social products of the actual whole community culture,religion and The

politics are inseperable,both of them do not really have a social existence that is independent....

Socially it is known that religion really depends on politics same way politics depend on religion.....though there is an argument or beliefs that politicians use religion as a tool to get more

votes from those who they(politicians) have been able to manipulate through religion....yeah that happens too but you need to know that many of this same politicians also believe so much in religion too...


@Ijoel, In my opinion, if we observe then Politicians use Religion for the game of Divide And Rule. And in my opinion we can change people but we cannot change the thought and these kind of Political Games are thoughts which are transferable to continue the same game plan. Stay blessed. 🙂