How important BTC prices are for you (steem users)?

The only thing important in my opinion about BTC is that it's still leading the market and that almost all of the cryptos follow its trend. It's also the first crypto ever made. Other than that I don't like BTC that much. I am the fan of other cryptocurrencies. CRyptos that outperform BTC at speed of transactions, use case( like Steem for example) and also transaction fees. For the moment though BTC is still important for Steem users for one more reason. It is the trading pair for Steem on almost all the exchanges, so, if you wanna buy or sell Steem you have to do that through BTC in most of the cases. Other than that I don't see it important at all. A matter of fact BTC is the crypto that I have held the least from all of my holdings. It's too over hyped in my opinion and as I stated before I am not a fan of it. I do respect it for breaking the ice though and believe that it will be the number one crypto for many years to come. I will stick though with my altcoins also for many years to come and Steem is one of them. 

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To the extent the price of BTC controls the price of every other cryptocurrency, it is obviously quite important. That said, I don't really mind a bear market in crypto because I'm not planning to cash out for a long time. It would be ideal not to have to cash out any Steem Power ever.


It is important as it leads the market in what the other coins do. When Bitcoin rises or drops the other coins follow.

I am not overly concerned about the price as  I am not selling Steem but growing my account. The lower the prices the easier it is to grow. It keeps the masses  away letting us grow sharing the reward pool between whoever is here now.

Bitcoin is a trading pair with Steem on most of the exchanges so it is still important. One of these days I hope it changes and we wont have to go through other coins in order to trade on the exchange.

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