How you see your life in the future?

I am imagining deep into the future which is about a decade from today. I hope that by that time, I would have many passive incomes to sustain my life or even have lots and lots of exchangeable currency, either virtual or fiats.

I would imagine having bought robots or have artificial intelligence helping me to do some of my daily repetitive work that earns MONEY. I would be able to enjoy life with my wife and have kids to be with.

I hope that by that time Airline tickets would be so super duper cheap as there could be a new mode of transpor created. Who knows, one day, there could be a hyperloop which is created by tesla that goes underwater. This would make us speed up our travels.

I hope that I can own many homes in different locations around the world. So when I arrive at the different countries it would be where I would stay. I think at this time, everything would be digital.

I guess, in the future, there is no need to carry any wallets and I would be the wallet. The would be biometric scanners that scan my eyes when I make payments and buying things at the different shops would be really smooth.

I can imagine myself sitting in a virtual game room playing games. Instead of having many rooms at home for different purposes, those virtual reality Google like thos that are made by Google or Microsoft would be a norm in our life and we could just switch to different rooms and even sceneries. If we want to watch what's it's like in other parts of the world, it can be done virtually and live.

Well, I am sure, the world would be a better and better place. Now as I drive around my city, I can imagine the city in a futuristic view and I can truly imagine what the world would be like in the future.


I am very visualistic and goal driven in life and I don't know it brings positivity in me or will lead me into destruction but one thing I'm for sure, I am happy with the dreams and goals I set the bars with.

So, what I'm seeing in life is first I'll work passionately bringing my best out of the company. I'm seeing myself to become promoted and earn some good amount of salary. But that will not stop there.

I am looking forward to seek opportunities abroad for about 2 to 3 years and start saving. Then, I'll settle a home (and form a family) in the Philippines and start a business that is strategic and well-planned. I'll work with it with my future wife and do it all-time. All time in the sense that I will dedicated my full-attention to make it grow but the finances I handle should never be all-in. I must still have savings and other forms of investment. 

Business is always a risky thing but a guaranteed returns. But I don't want to go all-in not because I'm afraid but I'm uncertain with what will happen along those process.


This is the hard question i think, But, you know sometimes human change immediately. But my belief is. The hard worker will success in the future. I have a bad past. But i regret my past. I am so lazy in the past. But right now, i will be a human that hard worker to make my life better. I want to married a girl that i love. I want to get a Good job. I wanna be rich and i want to be a good person

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This is a very interesting question I must say.

Well I have a vision for my life and I want to make sure that the vision God has given to me come to fulfilment in my lifetime.

I see myself making so much impact in God's kingdom and changing people's lives for good.

I see myself taking territories, preaching the gospel of Christ and taking territories for the kingdom of God.

I see myself very rich and giving heavily to move God's work forward and also giving immersely to the needy and less privileged.

I see myself playing a major role in the development of my country and moving my country to a greater heights.


Hard work.

No effort is made in vain, by working hard and smartly managing routine time every day I am sure the future will be visible from the concrete steps of what you are doing today. Many people cannot guarantee their own future, and we also will not know exactly what we will get in the future. However, I really believe, what continues to be pursued one day will be a brilliant dream as expected without a sense of despair.


I am very confident that I will get a better life.

The plan, I will settle the debt first, because I realize that debt is very burdensome to me.

Then, I will start investing both in the real world, as well as in the virtual world (crypto, website, forex, etc).


I see my life later on going the manner by which I expect it to. Nothing controls my future beside me.

I see dawns and dusks in my future. I see rainbows and creatures proceeding with their life as no one yet they can.

I see myself acknowledging and giggling and feeling like judgment a bit of the time. I see wretchedness and inconvenience ahead yet I see satisfaction also.

I see myself endeavoring to work out, understanding how to frame and impacting a site I to can be upbeat for.

I see myself livening that I woke up toward the beginning of the day. I see myself living every day as though it's my last day on Earth.

I hope to fill in as hard I can to be able to grin when I flop horribly.

"Positive reasoning is amazing reasoning. On the off chance that you require ecstasy, satisfaction, achievement and inward congruity, begin expecting you can accomplish those things. Concentrate on the unbelievable side of life and expect positive outcomes."


'Future' is broad. I'm going to narrow it down to the next five years

I'm an established writer, with a few published works in my name. (I won't mind a few awards too)

I have fully accumulated a portfolio of investments that helps me live a financially independent life so I can focus on my writing

I see myself married or preparing for marriage. Family matters a lot to me