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Are there women who are willing to marry men with erectile dysfunction?

Sincerely marrying a man with an erectile dysfunction is not an easy decision for any woman to make...but sometimes love can be so powerful and make a woman be willing to spend the rest of her life with a man no matter the

problems the man is facing...so yeah from personal experience i discovered that there are some women that are in love with a man and willing to take risks with him and stay with him no matter how huge his problems are...

But let me also let you know that there are also some set of women who might marry a man just because of the money and such women do not care about his erectile dysfunction as long as they are getting the money which they want from the man...

Yes there are some women willing to marry a man suffering from erectile dysfunction but it is a very difficult decision to make...


Huh I will say yes and I will say no.

Majority of women want to have their own biological child or children so in this aspect of women, it might be difficult for them to marry such man like that.

Also there are some women who cherished love mute more than anything. They are willingly to marry him because of how much they love him. So with this aspect of women, it will be possible.

So to round up, the answer to your question falls into two categories. Yes because of love and No because of children.



Apparently I don't think so or a possibility of 5% out of 100%.

Am not a woman, but if I should place myself in a woman's shoe sincerely I wouldn't. Here are my thoughts.

Marrying a man with an erectile dysfunction is like signing a black and white paper that am not going to have kids from my womb. Which eventually results to adoption. And talking about adoption, there' won't be a 100% love for the child/children. No matter how hard we try. We should just tell ourselves the truth. Secondly, the entire health history of the child/children will not be known by me. Making some health problems complicated when they arises.

Marrying a man with an erectile dysfunction is like telling myself am done being treated like a woman during bed time. Trust me no matter how hard I loathe sex as a woman. I must feel the urge some day. Stories about it are been told, the fun and excitement. But all I could do is to hear and smile. Everything will turn out to be a fairytale.

Apart from sex and children, I don't know if women derive a little joy in seeing the member of their spouse standing erect in the morning as they rise from bed (funny). But truth be told, it tells your spouse is healthy and active.

For me a low sperm count could be okay compared to having erectile dysfunction.