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What characteristics of a leader do you like?

Being a leader is not easy, many people criticize even though they have done a good job. So, in my opinion the characteristics of the leader that I like is one that can be trusted and honest. This is very important to grow the trust of his subordinates. So that subordinates will work well and honestly too. Then a leader must also have the courage to be responsible. This is important to make his subordinates protected and loyal to him, and his subordinates will be comfortable working with him.

A leader must also be able to maximize the abilities of his subordinates so that the priorities that are targeted will be achieved. By being able to assess the abilities of his subordinates, leaders will be able to delegate tasks to the right ones. This is also one way to trust his subordinates.

A leader must also be able to establish good communication with his subordinates and others. And it can also deal with problems properly and think positively about something.

Finally, a leader must be able to control the situation and not be awkward and humorous, so that the problem being faced does not become a burden.

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It seems like every answer will be subjective, because everyone has their own views to build the character of the leader they like.

I like visionary leaders and follow up on their vision and mission. So, of course he must have good hard dimensions and soft dimensions. Then, leaders who have the ability with an example. The two characters (Visionary and follow up the vision & mission - Leading with an example) above are very difficult to find, especially when the system of electing leaders is not well organized.


The major characteristics of a true leader i want is the ability to lead by an example.

As a true leader, we should Learn to lead by example as this really shows a true character of a leader.



@Ijoel, In my opinion, the most important quality or characteristics which i pursue is, leading by example. Stay blessed. 🙂