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What have you done in this life that has benefited many people?

Humans born in this world are social, interact with each other, newborns definitely need help, namely a mother and it is not possible for the baby to immediately find food and drink alone. This continues until the baby continues to grow into a teenager until now, as we do today.

Humans cannot live alone because they need each other, give and receive.

To be harmonious in this life we ​​are obliged to do good and help each other, many things we can do include:

  • Teach and share useful knowledge with people who need it, so people can overcome the problems they face.
  • Give suggestions or solutions to problems faced by other people so that people can solve their life problems like in the Musing community today.
  • Visiting sick people also includes doing good and beneficial things for many people, with my arrival he feels appreciated and cared for so well that he is motivated to be healthy quickly.

I have done it, whatever I do is sincere because of the social nature of humans and I do not expect personal benefits from it, hopefully what we do in this life can benefit many people.

Have a nice day.

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Well, I don't think I've done anything special but in my own little way, I've been able to sensitize a lot of children in many local and modern communities about the effect of sexual abuse. I joined an organization called inner wheel club Some years back and our aim and objective is to fight against sexual abuse especially on the part of the youths. In one of my answered question on musing, (https://musing.io/q/nonsowrites/fk78d2j45?r=profile-beautychicks) I stated the reason that led me to joining this group.

Sexual abuse has been something that has risen in the last few years. Most children surprisingly are now sexually active. When I say children, I'm not mistaken. Imagine a girl of 8 years already having sex with a man old enough to be his father. Many cases like that are no more a news.

These children are not able to resist because they were abused by these men. They lack the understanding of what might be the outcome of what the are lured into. Giving orientation to children about this act has gone a long way in helping some of them to come out and say what they are going through. It is no doubt that this education has helped a lot of children and youths to stay clear from all these set of people. They were taught to voice out anytime they are abused. Guiding against this act has been my quota to humanity recently. I still have the mind of going beyond and I believe that as all these children are educated, there will be a better space for more improvement.


@beautychicks cares.


To the question "What do you do in life?", I often answer: "I do everything I can to be happy! ..."