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What do you think about counterfeiting of volume on several exchanges?
According to a recent report by the transparency agency Blockchain, about 87% of the trading volume in the top 25 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world is fake

There are many beautiful and important topics that you have seen that we have many times the exchanges sites where we are victims of fraud, we do not get the proper service from them, and they are done but it is a bad thing that is done by our online system. They have a bad side of them

If we check these types of services well, then we have to deal with our money or other cryptococcerns, then we will not go to the bank of fraud. We can verify that we work there if we do not have to face fraud, but now At present we have seen many types of exemption services are fraudulent to us, they are ours They are with us, betray us with valuable property in my opinion it's a bad direction