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How did you look for a fortune at the beginning of 2019?

For me I would just work on my current skill set and add on more skill sets and just keep doing what I do and not stop. I guess fortunes come slowly and it would take some time before we actually gain enough wealth and sometimes It requires us to patiently accumulate our wealth throughout the years when we can work and also invest the cash to work for us.

There is a story that I guess everyone knows which is the rabbit and the tortoise. Those who seek to accumulate wealth quickly may lose it quickly and it is best to take some time to earn the cash slowly. Then the next thing is to learn to save money which is one important skill just saving 10 to 20 percent of our income and also increasing our income would make a great deal of a difference in our total wealth that could be accumulated in a life time. If everyday we just need to scoop a cup of sand and pour to a small pile each day. This mountain is sure to grow into a huge giant mountain one day.

We could slowly built machines to help gain more sand. The most important thing I think to get my fortunes for this year is to try to just keep finding ways to increase income, find more skills to learn and also to look at the long term to for fortune building.


Searched under the couch cushions for loose change... 😜


 I'm looking for the fortune is that I'll get some good benefit from steam because I have worked hard from one year and now I just wanted to get good enough money from. I'm just still waiting the price of them will high up. However will get some profit from it at the beginning of this year.

I have many dreams that I want to be fulfilled this year. I am hoping for the best because our hard work or your struggle is done for that work which is you get something from it then I think we should definitely get success.

I hope this year give us some good happiness all of you who deserved to be sure happily in the world. Everyone wants to be a happy person so thaþ's why we should always hope for the best and never think that we can't find anything according to doing our hard work. God gives you success exact at the right time.  


For me, I made a careful evaluation of my 2018 to assess my successes and failings; my strengths and weaknesses; opportunities I had and how I utilized them; the loopholes I created and the way out. This gave  me a basis to plan for my fortune in 2019.

I've budgeted for mys skills advancement for 2019. For me, skills are assets and should be invested upon by conscious update and learning. Particularly, my writing, speaking, data analysis, graphics design and programming skills. These skills are strategic  in my niche on the steem blockchain and beyond and will immensely contribute to my financial growth and prosperity in 2019.

I rebuilt my social niche, You will accept with me that not everyone we worked with last year were the best for us. It was necessary that I trimmed and reformulated my team and social class in order to keep abreast with people that share my visions.

I am growing my community on Steem blockchain. One of this unique communities is @Steemchurch. I am strategizing this year such that I will help enrol more members to the communities and as  well  grow the community capacity even as we still hope for SMTs.