Is it true that behind the success of men there is the role of women?

Agree or not it is a true fact that there is a woman behind every successful person. In different ways by different means

Like a mother

A wife



Even a caretaker 

Every women who cares and shares the burden of a man. Having a woman by your back is a well wisher with many qualities helping you out. A man with dreams need a woman with vision. Her perspective, faith and support will change his reality. She is the one on man can rely for other things when he is determind to his aim.

 "No man succeeds without a good woman behind him. Wife or mother, if it is both, he is twice blessed indeed"           -Harold Macmillian-

It is the woman who pays attention to important things and does not let her man be in dark. She helps him concretrat on things that need attentive care at the moment. With her support, the man can go very far.

A real woman's worth..

*She brings stability to a man's life.

*No amount of money or fame can replace her.

*Her quality outweighs quantity.

*She is the back bone and support to the body.

*She is the CEO of the household.

Woman helps man when his life is mess, just like in a game of chess; the QUEEN protects the king.

She is his inspiration

His support

His calm.

His wings.

All success of man equally depends on her efforts and hard work.

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Behind every successful being is their desire and determination to succeed. Though the people we have in our life do affects our success positively or negatively but our determination is a great key further

For anyone who is aiming to achieve success, such a person must firstly be determined and surround him/herself with those that think likes him/her and motivates him/her. So if there be a woman in a man's and she is a source of inspiration to his success then she is behind his success but that does not mean a male friend or relative can not be behinds a man's Success

So I will do so "behind every successful man is a woman" is a flawed generalisation


This can simply be explained as , in an instance of marriage, the support, comfort, love,care, encouragement and challenge to be better and do better for his wife and family can be greatly achieved if this man has peace of mind and the emotional support from his lifelong partner, his wife. In the case where he feels destabilized, e.g his home is a place that brings him terror than comfort, he will fail to function and achieve the stability that will enable him to push further to function at his optimum and achieve the success he needs. 

This does not mean that without the support of his wife, he will not achieve the desired success, it will/might happen, just not at the same pace as it would if he had that support system and peace of mind.

This i believe is not the case with single people, and i would also like to add that the opposite is also true.

You might choose to also look at it from the motherly love point of view. Most people have done great in life because they had a mother who never gave up on them and supported them every step of the way, constantly feeding their fire and pushing the to be the best the can.


 There are two ways that I can see this. The first is that, yes, behind every successful man, there is a somehow a role of the women. Well, the first woman is definitely our mom. She is there since we were born and have been there to guide us in everything we do. Every failure, every success has been witnessed by our mom. She took care of us when we were young and vulnerable. Definitely, everyone's mom has a big part in the life of any successful man. 

Then the right woman that a man marries would usually bring the best out of her husband. She would push him to do his best, take care of him and so he can really focus on the things which can make him successful. A family man (man with a family and of course, wife) to support would feel the heavy responsibility and try his best to succeed at the things he is going to do in his life. He would try his best to make sure he succeeds to take care of his family. 

The other view is that, Successful man or those who have the traits to be successful attract women which in turn make them even more successful. Those man who has power in their hands definitely has more perceived power and is considered the alpha of the pack and many women tend to be more attracted to these kinds of guys. 


It's not actually about gender, rather how the couple work and support each other. Personality is also a factor. Even the woman is very supportive but the man is lacking humility, and he succeeded, it might not be the woman's support for his success. If a man is humble enough to give credit on his wife, then that's a good thing.

Women should actually be behind their husband, as well as the husband who's at the back of his wife. Support system to each other should be strong. Whether it is something about taking care of their family, or other aspects of their lives. If both support and acknowledge each other, then they will be successful on whatever decision they made, as well as their marriage life.


Yes, and no.

In a highly functioning partnership, both sides fulfill each other.

We need to recognize that no one individual is always right and always makes right decisions.

And so, the ability to cooperate and have support of your partner is often what gives an individual an edge over their direct competitors.

There isn't really anything that your partner who have no expertise in your field can do to further your work, 

but they can take your mind off of other things that would otherwise get in your way, and thus helping your, by proxy, to focus on your work.

And it is not to say that someone need to earn money, and someone need to take care of the house.

A scenario could be even that one person works to fund, and another educates themselves, or focuses on a project that eventually blows up.

Without support of the partner, working for their bread, they could never complete said education or pitch said project.

Behind their success, there's their partner.


A woman has an important role to play in a man's life. To me, a man can hustle so hard and be successful in life, but without having a woman by his side he will not be referred to as a qualified responsible man. A man who is wealthy and does not have a woman by his side cannot be said to be totally successful. Women have roles to play in a man's life. There are certain decision a man's talks out with his wife/woman before taking them.

A man cannot start building his generation without a woman. And also, any man planning to continue his lineage should consider having a woman by his side.

So many men turn out to be irresponsible just because of the fact that they don't have a woman by their side, that could be a drastic decision.

I have witnessed a marriage where the husband decided to build houses out for rent just because he listened to his wife's advice. Those houses he built happened to be a life saver for him and his family during trying times. Without that man having such a woman, he would not have been able to come up with such a business plan.

So I think a woman really has a role to play in a man's life if truly that man wants to be successful in life.


I can say yes, because there are many examples that we can see how behind a great man is a great women behind them.

The first woman is a mother, a mother is a source of inspiration and a source of strength, a mother's sacrifice was truly extraordinary, not infrequently, a person's success is greatly influenced by the upbringing and teachings that Mother had instilled in their children since they were little.

The second woman is a wife, a wife is a partner and a companion who is always present both in difficult conditions. Often, a man is only seen at the time of success and on the top, all eyes will look at him, but before that success, there are many failures and falls that they feel, at such times, only their wives are beside them, looking, encourage, and pray for it.

Such is the role of women in the success of a man. If likened, the two women above are like two wings that will bring a man flying high in the sky. Two wings of an angel, that's the term I use.

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I wouldn't say necessarily a man, but a partner. Some things you can't do alone, you need help and support, which is normal. 

Teaming up with others is a good thing, can help you in many ways. Having a partner who supports you (woman or man it doesn't matter) can help you get through tough times. 

The saying dates back to times when a couple meant a man and a woman. Times change, people change but the meaning remains.  


What if the man is gay? Seems like a saying those social justice warriors need to have a fit and get changed.