How do you change bad habits?

Getting rid of bad habits is a tough task. It needs strong will power firmness of purpose and need to be strongly motivated to do that.  

What I believe, to change any bad habits we need to understand and realize the fact that it is bad. We have to realize first how bad its impact on our life. If we really could realize the fact and make our mind to change it, then it is possible that we could do that.

I have 'nail biting' habit few years back. As it had no physical harm so I did not give it a try to get rid of it. But when I become a mother, I saw that my child was started to copy me. That is when I realize that I have to something. After that I force myself to not do in front of my child. And eventually I get rid of it some months later.

>Determination is very necessary. Otherwise, how much effort you put, how much correction you make it would not work. 

>On any kind of bad habit, you also have to practice a healthy and routine life. It can help you passively to get rid of any kind of bad habits. 

>Self motivation is another necessary thing. You have to tell yourself continuously that you can do it, you can stay away from it. It will eventually established in your mind.

>Make others know about it that you are determining to get rid of it. People around us can give us the help and support to get rid of our bad habit. They will also give a notification if we involve in that habit consiously or uncosiously.

>Set your goal how and when you are going to ret rid of it. It may not always possible to get rid of certain thing which you are doing for years. It takes time. So take some small steps and set your goal what changes you want to see in yourself. It will help you to stay motivated and be in the right path.  

As it takes time and efforts to get rid of certain bad habits. So we have to accumulate the courage to stay motivated and determined through the run. That's the most important thing.


With strong determination, with strong will power and with persistent effort.

It is discipline which can bring your life on track and keep all the bad habits in check. If you derail from the frame of rules in your life, then the negative things and all bad habits will emerge in your life. And if they start consolidate in your life and if you are care-less, then your life will become hell. 

If you are too much addicted to the existing bad habits then try to make your mind strong first. Write down every thing in your note and read that at least 10 times in day, as that will remind you every moment which one is right for your life and which one is wrong.

Make your biological clock correct. That means get up early in the morning and always stick to your scheduled time of the day. Do yoga, that is essential to improve your will power and determination. If possible hit the gym hard and do so cardiovascular exercise. If you love running and swimming , then also do that. Do all these activities at least for 30 days, you will notice that there is a positive change in your life.  So earlier you set this plan for 30 days only, but at the end of 30 days you will notice that you do not have the addiction anymore with bad habits. Also you will feel more energized at the end of 30 days. 

So persistent effort, strong determination, will power and a disciplined life can beat any kind of addiction and bad habits and you can rid of those habits with strong will power & determination.


Bad habits are quite difficult to change, for you to get rid of a particular habit it takes dedication and time, remember you didn't start up that habit over night, psychologist say that what you do over and over for 21 days becomes an habit, there are some steps you can take to changing that habit

1. Changing a bad habit requires determination, you must be Willing and determined to change by all means necessary, have in mind that you will incur pain, dissatisfaction, what you need is endurance and determination, no change comes overnight as no habit is formed overnight.

2 You need a guardian to work with you on the process, a counselor to pick up up whenever you fall, because as a matter of fact it will get to a point where you will want to stop and going back to the habit. Some can easily pick you up. Around us today we have different rehabilitation centers to help people become their better self.



I can't give you the right advice, because our personalities are different, but I've also had bad habits that were difficult to get rid of at the time, one of which was playing games. I have spent days in front of the PC just to play the mouse and keyboard in the game, and this is a bad habit, both for our personal health, and for other people around us, they will be ignored.

At that time it was very difficult to get rid of the habit, because the facility was in my own house. Finally I chose another activity, I began to leave home and move as a trader. And it really helped, until now I didn't even like the game at all, and I was also a little afraid to try it again, especially now that I already have two children, of course I don't want them to be ignored just because of those bad habits. The point is to find a new activity and adapt it, for sure little by little we can try to leave it even though it is not as expected, at least we must dare to take the right attitude in our own lives.


There are numerous approaches to evacuate bad habits and convert it into great habits. Some are referenced underneath:

1...Initially, rise promptly toward the beginning of the day and go for a walk and keeping in mind that strolling, contemplate great and positive things.

2...At that point, while returning back, simply look cautiously the surroundings that how everybody is living. Perceive the amount they are battling forever. Furthermore, make an inquiry to yourself that do you truly have room schedule-wise to consider any terrible thing?

3...Endeavor to help other people.

Endeavor to give some philanthropy atleast once per month (it doesn't make a difference how much cash you have, simply offer as indicated by your money related condition. In the event that you can give just 10 dollars, give it, this will give you a wonderful feeling of bliss and this incredible joy will assist you with foregetting about bad habits).

4...Endeavor to comprehend what your folks need from you and begin to pursue the things that satisfy them and pleased.

5..Leave all your terrible friends who can move you towards wrong habits.

6...Make some great friends with great habits.

6...What's more, don't put off any work for tomorrow what you can arrange off today.


Changing bad habits is very difficult.

I have a bad habit of sleeping late. This caused me to wake up late in the morning. I often go late to the office.

No one can change bad habits if not myself. I try to wake up in the morning and not get used to sleeping late at night. I don't drink coffee and exercise regularly so I can sleep early.


We all know that man is a slave of habits. Just like some good habits of humanity, there are some bad habits.

People are successful through good habits. And due to bad habits, people become unstable. We have to find out the bad habits that we have first.

Below I am discussing how we can change bad habits

By turning bad habits into a good practice

By turning bad habits into a good practice, we can change bad habits. It is very important if we really want to change the bad habits. Of course, our bad habits should be turned into a good practice.

By finding out bad habits

We have good habits and bad habits in our lives. We have to find out the bad habits and stop them. If we find out the bad habits, we close them. our bad habits will change.

By keeping yourself busy all the time

If we keep ourselves busy, our bad habits can easily change. Because when we keep busy ourselves, thoughts of bad habits will not come to our mind. For this, I would say to keep myself busy

By thinking about the goals of life

Everyone has some goals in life. If we look more closely at those goals. Then we will be far away from bad habits.

By thinking of the favorite people

There are some favorite people of all human beings on earth. If we think about that favorite man. But no bad thoughts will come to our mind. Through it can easily turn bad habits into love.

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