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Can parents love their children the same level?
If someone have 6 or more children, can the level of love for them be the same?

Very interesting question, friend. It cannot be denied that there are parents who love their children more than others.

Actually it does not matter if it is only limited feelings of affection in the heart, because generalizing all children in compassion, including something difficult, even beyond human power.

But it does not mean in our treatment or attitude towards children, yes, whether it is from verbal means or giving material to them. Being fair to children must be the main thing parents do.

Previously it should be known, yes, that grants are not the same as living. Grants from parents for children are required to be fair, but it is different in terms of living. Parents should provide a living according to their individual needs.

For example, the school fees for elementary school children certainly cannot be equated with his brother who has gone to college. Similarly, the costs of eating, treatment, marrying off children, and so forth. Some of these include income, not grants.

given equally. It is permissible to distinguish it from certain reasons, for example there are children who are disabled so that they cannot work, or are busy demanding that they cannot work, or have many children so that their salary is not enough.

Grants are also not given to children who are ungodly, or used to use money to engage in mockery. There needs to be good communication so that the grant does not cause problems.

If the children are aware of a parent's error in this matter, it is better for the child to finish it between them first without involving parents.

It is better for parties who feel they cannot get their share in the hope of succumbing and not making a problem with giving more to their siblings. Children who receive more grants should refuse graciously.

Being fair to children is an important foundation for parents to give their love. Filial children are those who get the best guidance from their parents


You have made a very god question. Since most parents indicate preference to one kid. This is the principle purpose behind kin contention. 

The parents should demonstrate measure up to love to both. By trying not to purchase whatever one tyke asks and make the other kid sit tight for his turn. Also trying not to make correlations Glorifying one youngster and debasing the other. When parents exhibit the adoration, doing it with the goal that two kids comprehend will cherish them similarly.


That really depend on the individuals ideals about what family is nad what Love is.

Like, for example, and don't take this as a criticism, you are making an assumption that there are "degrees" or "levels" of Love.

While I completly reject such notion.

Love is Love.

It is expressed differently on a case to case basis, because it is not a one size fit all kind of animal.

So you can already see that your and my perception on Love are vastly different.

So, if I were to rephrase your question to something like "can a parent love one child but not the other?" Then I would say, yeah, I don't think a parent-child Love is something we should default to, but if they Love their child, you cannot quantify it.

It's a binary thing.

At the very least that's how I see it.