Can we make a profit when we buy upvote in bit bots?

If you understand how the bidbots work then the answer is no.

I will give you two examples of bidbots that are managed differently.

OCDB bot which is only listed for white listed users who have been curated by the curators of OCD. This is a platform community based group trying to grow users and is not seen as a business.

If you had to spend $2 on a post you would receive 150% which is a $3.00 vote. After the 25% curation fee is taken away you will end up with a small profit. Your final tally would be $2.25 which is a 12.5 percent profit on your original investment.

Smart Steem is a business and is run slightly differently to OCDB.

A $2  vote on a post will give you a $2.40 payout and after curation will have $1.80 which is in fact a $0.20 c loss. You would have lost 10% by using a bid bot.

Bid bots are more for promoting posts and hoping to pick up new followers and not for making a profit. When Steem is at a better price it can be used for profiting but not right now. 

I hope this helps give you an idea.


To be honest in my point of view no as of this moment 

While if you are looking for boosting your Reputation Score than it might be the way to go through but when it comes to profit I really do not think of it as the right way.

Suppose a user sends 10 SBD to an upvote bot Minnowbooster which gives much more in upvote amount in Steem blockchain for now.

For 5 SBD  an user will get max of 7.23  USD upvote 

So after reducing the 25% curation reward the user will get USD 5.42 in payout. While from that part it will be divided to 2 parts. Half will be paid as Steem Power and half as SBD. So as of today's price a user will get SBD of 2.62 and Steem of (2.62/0.78) 3.3 Steem. 

If the user keeps on using the liquid fund for the purpose of buying votes than at some point that user will run out of liquid funds in the wallet.

Better power up those funds or buy Steem and keep it in the wallet.

well, I have tried that before and I lost. You see, the bots would upvote you based on how much you pay and after that, they would still get curation rewards wjich is like them winning on two phase and you losing in a way so to me, no.
Yes, SmartSteem promises a 15% ROI on buying Votes.

On top of that, you can also earn Steem by selling your unused voting power or delegating your Steem Power.

More info: https://smartsteem.com/