How has your life changed since you started meditating?

Unfortunately I put on pause such habit but I will share you my experience with meditation from a few years ago when I was practicing it daily and really feel its benefits. There were I guess about two years in which I meditated for at least half an hour every day and it felt really good. The first thing that I noticed after practicing it for a while was that my mind became more calm but more efficient than it was before. Not only that I didn't jumped to argue that often as before in any situation that triggered me but I also was more productive in thinking. It was like I was more focused on what I had to do at any given moment and not about the secondary things around me that usually would take my attention away and make me feel less productive. It really felt like I had a sharper mind and a better focus. Then it was the way I interacted with people around me. I was more empathic and understood better everyone around me and didn't try and judge and criticize anyone with the first chance I got. I was first listening to their story and try understand them rather than drawing conclusions after a few phrases. I was more in control of my emotions and especially the anger ones. If before I was easily giving anger attention after meditating for a while I realized that it was just a poison that was not worthy of my attention. I was seeing the world and my life with different eyes. I was no longer fighting situations in my life trying to make everything around me the way I want it but rather accept what it is and try to make the best out of everything in a more harmonious way. I was loving and seeing relationships from another level also. It was no longer just physical attraction and only my needs involved, but I also tried to see beyond my needs and see people and women as souls in human bodies rather than bodies with souls. My perception of work changed also and even if I was doing something that I didn't like I was doing it with another attitude. With the attitude of acceptance and the witness of what happens and not forcing myself to do things. Now that I remembered all of these things that were different in my life and were also better I start to think that I should probably meditate again on a regular basis. Great that you asked about meditation on musing.

Hope you find my narration about meditation insightful and wish you a great day! Keep on musing!



Although to me everyone meditate in one way or another: this could be positively or negatively. When one worries over a matter for a long time it is because he or she dwell on the thought or source or his or her worries. Ever since i realized that meditation isn't just keeping silence but doing everything that makes me thinks, speak, feel too emotional and do a particular thing, then I have enjoyed Meditation positively.

Meditations has helped me greatly when it comes to the aspect me doing away with attitudes, anger and even eating habits; at the same time, it has helped me greatly on the aspect of achieving seemly impossible goals.


Good question, because some of us do not bother with evaluations of the actions we take.

Meditation for Mr brings instant relief, and gives me relative clarity to plan my day/next step properly. So in practical terms, it has definitely altered by behavior for good.

I also tend to put a lot of things into perspective now as a result of prayerful meditation which I practice, and it helps lift my spirit (with positive reinforces) which I find generally beneficial to my mental state.

In terms of my finances I feel meditating and planning has made me approach life from a disciplined perspective which has improved my overall financial standing


Firstly, this isn't a very well formed question. If  you're really interested in meditation and are looking for a reason to  do it, learn more about different types of meditation and their  associated goals. Then re-ask your specific  needs so internal explorers can help you more efficiently on your quest.  We’re travelling that path and know what it means to get helpful input! So, here’s me answering the question from multiple methods / perspectives...

The  first time I attempted standing totally still for five minutes my body  was wracked with agony. I found that my neuromuscular system was in  complete revolt. Then it fell away. I wasn't watching a clock so I can't  tell when exactly the insanity subsided, but when the internal  lightning of angry receptors decided to take a break, the MELT of  tension and nervous motion took a decided decline.

After  breaking the barrier of nervous system revolt, the next target of 10  minutes wasn't as wild. The time was filled with noticing  micro-insurrections that didn’t quite grow to significance.

Fifteen  minutes of trying to be completely still (while standing) was another  challenge, but nothing like that first encounter with my body trying to  quell all efforts of stillness. Calm was almost a thing and after the  fact my body didn’t feel as lost or spent as it did when I first  approached the five minute mark.

Changes: My body does my bidding more effectively and I can hear its complaints more effectively.

Thinking / Not-Thinking

Learning to Not-Think is a curious dichotomy.

You can definitely do it. I think.

That's part of the problem.

My experience with letting go of thought has not been an absence of thought.

Every well experienced meditator I have spoken to about “quieting the mind” laughs the same way I do based on my experience.
…that’s such HORRIBLE advice for someone beginning to meditate.

Thinking happens.

Redirect it to goal.