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What is the solution to a broken heart?

Having a heart break can be a very sad thing to experience but the heart can be mended based on the individual. I will write below how to mend a broken heart

1) Accept the whole situation: trying to make sense of what have happened can't mend what have happened therefore the person should accept what have happened have and should move on.

2) Spend time with your friends: When going through a period of heart break it best to spend time with your friend that can support you and help you pass the stage quickly because if the person involved is always staying alone then he or she will end up always depressed based on what have happened.

3) Do some form exercise regularly to keep your mind off the situation that caused the heart break.

4) The person can also spend time doing other things of interest like watching movies and the likes.

5) The person can also visit a phycologists to help through that state of heart break.

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for me, there is no solution to heartbreak, we can only ease the pain that you feel by doing several ways:

1. face your heart, remember that sadness is normal, if you want to cry, please cry, because by crying we can calm down.

2. find friends vent, find someone to talk to. You are not alone in this world, gather with trusted friends or close relatives, and share your feelings.

3. Get rid of all the things that remind you of him, photos, videos, gifts given by the former, and stop contact with him, delete the him from social media.

I think this is enough.