How can we make the world a better place?
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How can we make the world a better place?

This is a very good question and at the same time a very relative question. A better world can mean different things to different people. For me a better world will mean a world that provides a level playing field for all citizens of the world. 

How can we achieve this? Your guess is as good as mine, but I'd say lets start by making education compulsory and free for everyone all around the world. I believe with the power of the internet worldwide education is achievable. All that is needed is for governments of all countries to come to an agreement. 

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First, define 'we', then define what is a 'better world'. If you ask on musing, and let people define the 2, you will get multiple answers. If you mean all of us together, then I will say we can first start by understanding what a better world is for all of us. With so many diverse opinions on what 'ideal' is, it will be difficult to have consensus and majority consensus can lead to ethnic cleansing, discrimination, shocking political outcomes and more. Consensus through proof of stake means capitalism and many people aren't happy with that. So I do not think we can make the world a better place. Public policy is always affected by what the thought of society is at any given moment, and even more so by affluent and powerful behind the scene actors. So the world will always move along the thoughts of those with big pockets as they will be able to buy policy making and influence people through clever marketing.

If you still insist on trying, then education is the only way of making the world a better place and it all starts with oneself. Learn more about what you believe in, Welcome other thoughts. Understand what is truly better for the world and start implementing it and educating others about it. It will be a super long process, but may be one day we will be able to make the world a better place, whatever that will be. 

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There are n number of ways to make the world a better place but I am going to list down only two:

1. Become a better person yourself. Keep yourself fit and develop good habits. Plan according to your goals and keep on working them until you achieve them. Take care of your environment and do not pollute it yourself. Stop others from doing such things as well. If everyone in the world focus on their own development, world will automatically become a better place.

2. Donate whenever you can. Especially on STEEM you can donate to various charity projects via @adollaraday initiative by @pennsif. This way you can make someone else's life a little better, in turn making the world a better place for the people around you. 

Note: Question in the "blog's title" was asked on @musing. And above^ is my answer.  

I believe everyone can make the world a better place in 3 Steps:

  • Discover Your Natural Tendencies 

This can be done by taking a personality test but also requires some life experience. 

Keep in mind that Personality Tests are most accurate for people who are 30 years old (and older).

  • Use Your Natural Tendencies to Benefit Yourself, Others & All of Mankind 

This is easier said than done but if your goal is to benefit yourself, others and mankind (and you completed Step 1), I believe you are on the right track. 

To achieve this over a lifetime is the epitome of success! 

  •  Prevent & Reduce Suffering (Minimize & Avoid Pleasures that Lead to Suffering) 

A lot of the pleasures we seek actually create suffering. Things like eating consistent junk food, smoking cigarettes and making a living by taking advantage of others, are some of the things that give people pleasure, only to undermine their society, security and well-being over the long run.

Converting from pleasures that cause suffering to pleasures that prevent, reduce and lead to the elimination of suffering are the new good deeds of our modern world.


One of the unique things I found is a diet program where I drink yummy shakes as a meal for breakfast & dinner. I really enjoy the taste of the shakes, and I reduce my risk for high blood pressure, heart attack and high cholesteral at the same time. This reduces the amount of suffering my family would otherwise experience if I was in poor health, but it is a strictly positive experience, since drinking the shakes is MORE enjoyable for me than not drinking the shakes.

Finding, creating and sharing things like this can reduce suffering in the world, especially for mankind.


NOTE: All of us create suffering to an extent since all of us are consumers to an extent, and our consumption places a burden on the earth, on animals, wildlife and the rest of mankind. 


I am personally looking for more things like that diet plan, i.e. pleasurable things that reduce the amount of suffering mankind would otherwise experience.

Do you know of anything that reduces suffering and is pleasurable, or required for daily living?

(I.e. things like eating)


- Free Personality Test https://www.16personalities.com/

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We can me the world a better place when we begin to see that it is our responsibility to better the world. Many times, we think "others" will fix the world when it actually lies within our reach to do our part. We have to stop giving excuses for not doing the right thing. It is a collective responsibility.

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Making the world abetter place starts with me and you.

I have to decide, same with you that I (you) will consciously do little things within my powers, resources to better  my environment and the people therein. With our little contributions from our various ends, it would be compounded to a huge project.

Interestingly, Steem blockchain  affords us the platform to do so. What do we do with our Steem earnings? cash out for our personal use alone? No! Part of our steem rewards should be consciously dedicated to:

1. Share love with others. We can emulate what charity organizations are doing on this platform such as @fundition @steemchurch @Sc-v @adollaraday @charitycurators @familyprotection  etc. 

2. Keeping our environment clean. Beyond the people, other components of our environment - soil, air, water must be consciously secured from pollution. When we are careful to ensure a clean and green environment like what @treeplanters is doing, the world would become safe for inhabitants.

3. Let's fight Injustice. Injustice has been the greatest form of corruption and decadence in our world today. The rich want to get richer at the detriment of the poor.  AM pretty sure this was the cause that led to the emergence of cryptocurrency. We have to keep pace with this vision and hold on to ensuring we fight injustice to the last. People like @Sirknight are doing this with his crusade for freedom. We can join him.

4. Stop giving Bribe and cutting corners. When we give bribe, we encourage wrong deeds. Let us discourage with every strength people having to cut corners to reach the top. If its not a square peg, may it not be inserted into a square hole. This consciousness must start even at home with our little children and siblings.

5. Tell the World about Christ. Christ is the only antidote to a decaying world. He was in the beginning and He can make things right. Let us not keep mute. Let's shout aloud to make people here the goodnews of salvation. With Christ indwelling in hearts, peace, love, temperance, patience, endurance will be the character of the people.

This was a great question.

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Everyone of us wants to make the world a better place, to make it more livable, and to make it a wonderful place where our children and the next generations could live in. We want to make the world a better place so that our children can live peacefully and harmony. Everyone has his own opinion, so do I.

In my opinion, we cannot make this world a better place if we continue to do what we are doing now. The world cannot be a better place if we continue to ruin it by throwing our thrash anywhere resulting in deaths of animals and fishes. We cannot make the world better by cutting down trees to give way to residential area. The world is not those infrastructures that we built, not the buildings, nor the man-made wonders. The world is best when God made it. It just became terrible when people took over.

For me, to make the world a better place, we need to change ourselves first, our way of life and our habits. 

Why throw garbage when we can recycle them? Instead of bottles and plastic products going down rivers and eventually to the oceans resulting to deaths of creatures, why not make things out of them? This ways, we can monetize from them.

When we see garbage on our way to work or school, why don't we take the first step in picking them up? If someone don't see you, then fine. If someone sees you, then much better. That way, by merely picking up that garbage, he who sees you can imitate you and you can start a chain reaction. No place is dirty if everyone does their task in making it clean. Picking up litters one at a time is a long way to go.

There are plenty of things that we can do to make the world a better place. But before you ask someone what he can do to make the world a better place, ask yourself first. What have I done to make this world a better place? Or, Are my actions helped make the world a better place or Am I only ruining it?

See it for yourself.

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This is indeed one of the nice topic to come up to talk about. While there are various things that can be done in order to make this world a better place.

For instance few of the basic things that can be done in order to make something out of the situation resulting a better place for us to live by in this world.

  • Protect the Environment

In order to survive in this world we need to have a certain environment for the sake of us. This is our home and the survival of ours depends on the well being of the nature or environment.  The amount of pollution that is happening in our world and the Global warming will sure be our demise in this world. So in order to save the planet we need to save the use case of our daily needs. Without a healthy environment our Ecosystem will drop to significant damage resulting the damage of Food cycle/Air/Water hence our civilization will be at stake.

 Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose 

So protect the environment in every way Possible

  • Education

Come to clean idea that Education is a necessity for us all in today's world. To make an advancement in our life we do really need to make our self worthy of that. Which is by educating our self we can make the best usage of us. The change that is happening in our world without proper education living a proper life will really be hard. There are places in various countries where the literacy rate is lower for which the nation is not able to develop or utilize its population to the right way resulting the Nation going backwards despite having the Manpower and the will to move forward.

  • Politics

As much as it hurts but in today's world we do need it in order to maintain the a nation or a population. Rules are something that abides us to follow the right path in our life. While yeah some dirty politics is indeed ruining the purpose of the dignity or the effectiveness of the rules and regulations.  If the politicians of a certain country is polluted from inside than that country has close to no chance of developing and making a proper advancement in their lives.  Politicians can take the Nation towards Glory or that countries Demise.

Nowadays we are only thinking about ourselves (which is great) but for the greater good once in a while thinking about others and making the contributions from you side could really make the person standing in front of you worth it. Imagine if we help a single person everyday which will change the way of people think about each other. 

There are many more things to focus on in order to make this world a place for actually living.Many more struggling situations are coming for us. We should embrace the hardships and face those together and make the World a better place.

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I think that we can make a world a better place by being good.

It may sound simplistic and oversimplifying, but it comes down to that simple premise. No matter how many differences we have across cultures, especially in terms of religious beliefs, all religions agree on certain principles that are considered part of what it means to be a good person.

If we all live and let live, without trying to destroy another human life, then we would have obliterated conflict, the main source of world tensions and unhappiness. 

If we respect life in all its manifestations to the upmost of our capacities, we would achieve harmony with ourselves and the world around us. Historically, humans have had to use some animals and plants to survive (similarly, as part of life’s cycle) other animals and plants make use of their counterparts for survival purposes, but always keeping a balance.

If we try to reach all our potential without harming others in the process, we may have an ever improving world to live in. If everyone, from their particular way of life and occupations, devote their talents to do what is expected from them (police, heal, teach, etc,) and some more, without violating the rules that regulate their fields, then we’ll live in a world of responsibility and hard work.

If we remain faithful to the principle of honesty as the best policy, avoiding covetousness and greed, we’d live in a world without corruption. If we act honestly and demand honesty and transparency to those around us, they won’t be room for bribing or breaking of laws. Money and power are not problems in themselves. What we do with them or what we allow them to become in our lives is the real problem.   

Thus, being less ambitious and more generous is another way to contributing to a better world. We need more people putting their priorities in order and putting things in perspective. We see, especially these days, at this time of the year, people displaying all their capricious luxuries and throwing lavish parties or dinners and bragging about it in the social networks while penny-pinching when asked to support those in need or noble causes that help the downtrodden. 

We need a more just world and we don`t need a government or lawyer to tells us what is just. We can apply justice by acting justly. We need more people humbled by the golden rule. That alone would make a world of a difference.

 By being the change what you want to see in the world, unless your name is Thanos and then you can snap your finger and change it like that!
Beside that, when you enlighten yourself with knowledge, then you can be the light for others. Because i think ignorance is one of the biggest problems in the world, and by sharing knowledge, wisdom and spiritual or philosophical teachings, than you can be the light for others who walk in darkness!

The best way to make sure the world is a better place first of all is by believing in God and trusting on his word.

God is love, so if we believe in God, we will come to the understanding that we as his children must love one another. The world will be a more peaceful place if we all love each other, unite, preach peace.

God loves everyone equally, so he is not partial. We find out that we are blessed when we love people. We live a life filled with peace of mind when we do not bear grudges against people.

The earlier we come to the realization that the war against each other is of no use, the better for us and the generation yet unborn.

We do not protest about peace and change because we have the capacity to make peace starting with our selves and the environment we find ourselves.

Love is a universal language thereby it is love that can bring about peace and the ability in making the world a better place for all to live in.

DEPOPULATE tropical countries, especially Africa.

Too much poverty and misery in the tropics. The world will be a better place if there are less people living in the tropics.

UNFORTUNATELY the Rich Elites will keep the tropics crowded and fertile (high birth rate) so they can cling on to their power and wealth for generations.

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I like to think that I'm doing my best to make MY world better, no idea how to make it better for others.

If each of us works on our own to make it better, the world will be better,

Because sometimes we forget our faults by being subjected to media and social hype over the problems of others, our empathy pushes us to think of others more than ourselves,

If I work on myself, I can become better, and when I become, I will positively influence my entourage who will become better and influence others in turn, and so on.

In fact, I think we should start by asking what "better world" means to them.

The world was placed by creatures that have the potential to do evil and sin. But the world will be a good and noble place if the world is filled and controlled by good people. So improving the quality of humans is a way that should be offered to make the world better.

In the sense of morals and ethics that need to be improved, if humans already have good character and ethics, then others things will be easily repaired.

Ethics and morals with God in matters of worship to God, ethics and morals in social relations, religion, politics, business, culture, economy and others, then with that the world will be the best place because it is controlled and led by people who have morals noble.

This is in accordance with God 's mission for sending Prophet Muhammad for all human beings in the world, in the hadith mentioned "I was not sent except to perfect morals". The meaning that Prophet Muhammad was sent by Allah to perfect human morals.

Therefore, improving the world for the better can be done via improving the character and quality as leader on earth.


We can make the world a better place by respecting people and the environment. 

Treat others like how you want to be treated, this is the most important thing you can do to other human beings. Respect animals and nature, avoid pollution, reduce, reuse and recycle. 

By being the best you can be because you are in this world to make it better in one way or another. The world is not shaped by the things in it but the people in it. So, if we have better people in the world, then the world will become a better place.

Better people = Better World

We can make the world a better place by been a better person ourselves, the world is not the structures, not the buildings, not roads but the people in it. So if we all can strive to be a better person, then the world will eventually be a better place.

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By working on how to end terrorism.

Every year, thousands (likely millions now) of individuals gets killed since somebody chooses to complete a dread assault. None of these individuals had the right beyond words. Actually, some of them had as long as they can remember in front of them. Why execute individuals? A large portion of the occasions, they're not by any means dependable. This needs to stop.

2. By being human.

We state we're "people" however our demonstrations don't indicate much human-ness. Humankind has come to such a point, to the point that we're not by any stretch of the imagination beyond any doubt if mankind exists. The ones who help continue helping, while the others don't. Yet, interestingly, there are more individuals who aren't willing to help, to be thoughtful and to give love than the individuals who are.

Next time, you see somebody requesting nourishment, get them some sustenance.

Furthermore, in case you're ready to give, give some cash to a few establishments.

Be liberal.

What's superior to helping lives?

3. By concentrating on what's essential.

The issue of global warming. How enormous of an issue is this? In any case, for what reason is this ignored so severely? We ignore it, yet sometime it will kill us. We can't point the finger at it since we are simply the ones who brought this. This was a model, however numerous different issues all things considered are ignored, and it ought not be that way.

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By loving and showing unconditional kindness to your neighbours, you're already making the world a better place.

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By becoming better people.

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Be kind.