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Who is the best person to give you happiness ?

Definitely my wife and daughter, they're the source of my happiness and motivation. 

Me and my wife have been together for more than 4 years and my daughter is also 4 years old. I work from home as well as my wife so we're together for 24 hours a day and as much as possible, I won't miss any meaningful events for my daughter. 

They made me who I am, I became matured, responsible and humble and did things never thought I could like loving them unconditionally. 


YOURSELF! You are the sole person That can give yourself The best happiness which you desire..

One should be passion free in thought, speech and action; aid deeds only for the sake of excellent. create others happy so you discover happiness in them. continually be optimistic and be honest and energetic. Build robust muscles and have a pointy brain. For that, one must go an outsized series of renunciation of materialistic assets. Once, he feels unselfish and starts fully mingling with the science, he gains happiness,

That is what that offers happiness on behalf of me. and that i am pains plenty to achieve it!


People change, the person that make you so happy today can be your worst night mare tomorrow, but I still believe if you need happiness, love your family!!


The only person who can make you happy is you.

If you are not happy inside then no one can make you happy. They can try as much as they like ,but you have to be happy with your self. Your family can try as much as they like but if you are not happy it won't alter anything. It could be  a mental block or something subconsciously going on in your head ,but it is you.

We shouldn't need people to make us happy as we should be happy with life. 


Myself! Only I can make myself happy. If you wait for someone else to give you happiness, you can suffer disappointments. When you give that power to another person, there is a great chance that you will not succeed or reach a moment of happiness. If your parents are your happiness, when you lack them, what will become of you? If you are happy because of your work, when you no longer have it, what will become of you? I had a friend who said that when she graduated she would be the happiest person in the world! She graduated and now lives bitterly with her work! Happiness didn't last long! It was just to get the degree and nothing else. She reached it and that's it. Happiness is not in your environment, happiness is in you. You, and only you, decide every day to be happy. 


According to my own personal opinion , then i can say that no one can give you happiness , there are some reasons which i want to tell you in detail.

  • The first thing is that when you are not happy , nobody can  give you happiness , no one will find such a person.
  • If you want real happiness then you should ask for help from you GOD  " ALLAH ", worship HIM , and obey all of His orders for us . GOD " ALLAH " can give us the most happiness.