What are the best ways to really save money?

There are different ways of saving money but you just be determined and disciplined to ensure it works....

You can open a new bank account and simply transfer a specified sum of money to the account on a daily or monthly basis. This can be quite difficult as you may not be able to follow through the process consistently.

You can also use piggybank. I think this offer is only for those resident in Nigeria. They help people in saving up for a particular project or for a course. With piggybank, your funds are safe and you will even be paid interest on your money.


I like to save through a combination different styles.  Passive Income generating tools to compound my savings being my favorite but I'll get there shortly.

By far the easiest is to set it up on autopilot.  There are quite a few ways to this and to pull it off without really even noticing.  

For the stock market, the best way I know of is through an app call Acorns.  What you do is install the app on your phone, connect it to your debit card and you are all set.  You can set up a monthly or weekly amount you would like to invest and that amount is taken form your account for the time frame you choose.  You can also set-up the round-up feature where the spare change from each purchase rounded to the next dollar is sent to your acorns account.  So, if you spend $3.75, $.25 is sent to your acorns account.  Each time that amount hits $5 it is automatically invested into the portfolio mix you choose.

If you would like to do dabble in cryptocurrency investment there is a new app called Coinflash.  It works the same as Acorns but your account is connected to your Coinbase account and your bank account and the spare change from your purchases is used to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum on Coinbase.  

My favorite way to save is through passive income.  Over the past couple years I have been doing this through Prosper.com.  Prosper is a peer-to-peer lending site where you can fund portions of consumer personal loans.  You get all the information a bank would get: credit report details, employment information, current and past credit history, etc.  Once you have funded loans you are paid each month in principal and interest until the loan has been repaid.  The loans are termed anywhere from 3 - 5 years.  The best part about it is that since you are receiving payments form the various loans each month, you can compound the interest monthly by just using it to fund new loans.  It's worth a look.  

I hope this helps.  Enjoy watching the money grow!


The world's economy has drastically deteriorated, thus, making it difficult to put up with a good a saving habit, but still there are ways that could curb one's spending. In other words, saving can be realistic following the suggestions that will be discussed below:

1. Spend on budget. Make sure to draw a list of what you need to spend on; food, transportation, rent, clothing phone bills etc. Spending on budget takes self discipline!

2. Evaluate properly before buying an expensive item. This will help you to actually discern if it's a need or want, a need can be prioritized while a want can be given less priority.

3. Consider going for second-hand items in good condition instead of new ones, this will help to save a reasonable amount of money. But be sure not to go for stolen items, request for receipt when purchasing a second-hand item.

4. Buy ingredients to cook your food instead of eating out. Drink water instead of carbonated or juicy drinks. It's healthier and pocket friendly than eating out.

5. Tell a trusted friend about your budget. Invite him or her to keep in check to know if you're still on budget or not.

6. Considering the distance involved, you could consider to take a walk if it's reasonably trekkable instead of a taking taxi or other means of public transport for cut cost. If not reasonably trekkable, take a taxi.

7. Consider opening a savings account, but be sure to transact with a guaranteed bank.

Lately, especially in my country, there are issues of banks folding up, in order to avoid story that touches, be sure to wisely select a bank where your savings are guaranteed by the government in the event of bank failure.

"Money saved is like a protection, but if not saved, it can't protect especially in the face of emergency. Budget and spend wisely."


Saving money is not something that is going to be easy for someone that spends lavishly. It takes discipline to save money. Discipline in the sense that you don't purchase everything you like or invest in unproductive ventures that could be addictive such as gambling. A gambler can never have savings because they're addicted to having more and before you know it they'd squander all their money on bets.

Savings is quite easy these days. A friend of mine saved #1000 inside a wooden box for about 7 months and was surprised when she decided to break the box. She had a reasonable amount of money in it which according to her she could have spent on frivolities. This still hinges on discipline.

Thanks for reading.

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Consider buying most things second hand or preowned) clothes, technical gadgets, tools, books, DVDs, furniture, kitchen stuff, car, etc. Do not travel, only if you must. Do not spend money on parties or eating out, don‘t buy lavish presents for people and do not spoil your kids. Small presents will do. No unnecessary luxuries, no fancy foods, no cigarettes or alcohol. All you save by following a strictly saving strategy...invest. It might enable you to have a better life in future.


 Depends on the possibilities you have on this moment, like any business could be a good investment or a way to save money, but if you live on the other side of the world then it's useless.

But there are two options what always seems to grow if you play it right, that is gold and real state. For both options depends the right move on the country you want to invest, like being in Europe might be a lost to invest in gold, but if you buy it in South America and keep the gold in a bank, or another save place, then you can even make profit from the gold, because the price seems to rise in the last couple of years, and when it goes down then it's not like a cryptocurrency.

And you can do that in Europe or the US, but then the profit would not be much. However, with real estate you can either make profit or lose everything, that depends on your investment. What on the end is a huge risk, but it would be different if you invest in upcoming third world countries, as in South east Asia.

With a rising economy can the value of land rise very quickly, but it's needed to work with the locals, who can advise you about which land can make profit and which not. In way that locals know the future plans of some area, what would show if a area would grow in profit. And the profit you can make with these type of investments could be huge.

It can even grow more if you let local workers rent parts of your land, who will pay you every month and share half of profit from the harvest.
That saying, doing investment in countries who have a rising economy, might be a smart move to save your money and to earn some profit from it! 


When it comes to Money matters, am always excited about the discussion, You see, most people earn lots of money but with no time, they're broke again, they lack the basics of money keeping, these are few tips that can help you save money.

1. Put your savings before your spendings, most spend without the thought of saving while majority remember saving when the are exhausting what they have, always remove your savings first from your earnings and place your budgets on what is left. Make you save a minimum of 10% on all your earnings. Tell yourself this always " 10% of my earnings is for me to keep"

2. Spend your money mostly on assets and not liabilities, liabilities will continually take money from your income, while assets in no time increase your flow of income giving you more ability to save more.

spend more on your needs, and less on your wants, most people are broke but move about with expensive gadgets.



From my view is that the first thing that we have to do to save money is to reduce our spending. Spend less on things that would one day be something that would go to the trash bin. Always look at the things around the house and determine what things would be not always be used and are usually used only a few times. 

Usually nowadays, I spend a lot of time thinking about my purchases and whether any of the purchases was even worth it. I spend it with the cash I have and seldom use credit card to purchase an item. This is to ensure that it is form my hard earned cash and when it's hard earned cash, it would usually be rather more painful to pay for an item. 

Then it's better to remove the credit card from out life. Having no credit card means that we do not need to really have any unwanted interest payments. I used to have this credit card with a huge limit and every time I settled the minimal payment, I would spend impulsively again. It was not easy to break the habit and I kept owing lots of cash to the credit card companies until one day I decided to just pay off the whole amount and from then on, I never ever used any credit cards again. 

The most important thing after this is that, is to increase earnings and make sure that we keep searching for ways to earn more cash and also at the same time spend time to upgrade our skill and to have some rest to make sure that we can relax our mind and increase our energy level.

Then get some workout done to make sure that we can have a healthy body. Health is wealth. Without good health, we will get sick and the capabilities to earn an income is gonna lack behind. There are more ways, but these are some. Also lastly, just be patient as earning money takes time and it takes brick by brick to built an empire. 


The easiest way to start saving is to use apps that allow you to round off decimals to whole amounts and they invest the spare change for you. It seems small but can overall grow to a sizable pot. For every 5 dollar you spend, save 1 dollar. Even with 22 $5 lunches in a month thats nearly 250 dollars a year. Do that for 30 years and you have 7500$ only through lunch.

Second, decide a sum of money you want to save each month and tie it in a non wothdrawable pension account, or a portion of it and the rest in term deposits. Only live on what is remaining. Discipline will be needed here. But this can lead to sizable savings.

Only saving and letting inflation eat into what you save is not good. Your money loses anywhere between 2 to 5 percent on inflation every year. Invest. I cant emphasize enough on this. Compounding growth on savings will lead to a phenomenal growth in your savings. Early in your life, invest in growth ie stocks as you can take risk. Then as you grow older start shifting your savings from stocks to govt bonds and gold as you want to preserve capital.


Personally I think the best way to save money is to determine the amount/percentage of money you wish to save from your earnings before you start to spend them and then treat your earning as if you only earned the amount after it's reduced by the amount you chose to save. This will help you to consistently  add to your saving better compared to if you just save whatever amount of money you have left a day before your next payday. You are also less more likely to be tempted to spend money you don't have on hand.

The most secure and trusted place to save money is obviously the bank right now. You can also earn interest compared to if you just save them in cash so it's better if you don't mind your money being handled by the bank. Also you may choose to invest your saving on businesses or stocks which may or may not give better profit/returns than just saving them on banks.

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The best way to save money is to make a good plan about your needs and expenses per month. From that we can arrange expenses that become daily necessities and monthly needs. Also we plan how much money we will save or we invest per month. This money is used at the beginning of the month, not from the remnants of expenses at the end of the month.

Then I also strongly believe in sharing or giving alms. The power of sharing is very powerful. By sharing we will please others, by sharing we ease the life needs of others, and by sharing we will get reward.

But the point here is about the law of reciprocity in life. If we hurt other people, someday someone else will hurt us. Likewise in terms of giving or giving alms. When we give charity today, one day there will be other people who are kind and charitable to us.

Well, from this sharing the profits are actually doubled. Not only can you save on your expenses, but it can also make other people happy.


Here are 12 ways to save money this month just by changing what you are doing.

  1. Get some coupons and USE them.
  2. Get one book out of the library instead of buying it.
  3. Check the back of your closet for something you have not worn in a while to spruce up your wardrobe, rather than buy something new.
  4. Put socks and a sweater on rather than turning up the heat.
  5. Buy nothing on line or by telephone for a week.
  6. Evaluate cleaning and repairing a pair of shoes rather than buying new. 
  7. Eat out once less this week.
  8. Write a heartfelt note rather than buying an impersonal greeting card.
  9. Drink a glass of tap water rather than soda. 
  10. Change the air filter in your furnace.
  11. Try using 2/3 of your normal laundry detergent amount.
  12. Close your blinds and drapes to keep the warmth inside in the evening.

Just a few changes could put a little more cash in your pocket. Be sure to take the cash you would be spending and put it aside so you can see the savings add up.

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First, you have to make up your mind that you want to save, because, without that you can still go get the money wherever it would be.

You must be disciplined.

Most people opt out for Fixed deposit. In this case, you wont have to be going to bank every now and then.

Some people saves their money by getting rid of Automated Teller Machine cards just to avoid easy withdrawals.

You can save by investing it.

But I believe you can save your money anywhere and anyhow, if you are determined to do so.


Well this is really a hard thing to come by as a mater of fact and especially when you have a limited source of income (People like me) 

  • Find out what are the extra needs for yours (Cut the things that are not necessary)
  • Save little by little
  • Set out for the a plan of Money for the Month (Spend and Earnings)
  • Utilize it wisely
  • Make the Expenses to as minimum as possible

and last but not the least the mentality of saving Money is highly needed. 


Don't spend on unnecessary stuffs, and try to accommodate with bare minimum. There are certain things, which should not be compromised such as Children Education, Health care, Every day needs. But then apart from that we end up spending on lot of unnecessary stuffs, which should be controlled.  


1.....The most ideal approach to save money is to invest it!

It would be ideal if you note it down in your actual mind. It is not rocket science. The most ideal approach to save money is to invest it.

There are 2 sorts of individuals:

To start with, those who have actual self control and actually spend within limits. They realize how to make best utilization of credit card and not swipe it since they don't need to pay it now.

Second, who cannot really control their actual expenses and have a desire to purchase a dress since it is on rebate.

The best exhortation to save extra cash is to select an investment option e.g mutual funds

2....Always search for discounts: Be it shopping, voyaging, ticket booking to your most loved show or eating out. You will discover numerous arrangements where you would save a great deal of cash. Indeed it requires some exploration yet it is absolutely justified, despite all the trouble! Next time, before you purchase anything simply type 2 words before that: "discount on… "

3...Self control-Do not purchase anything since it is on rebate. Continuously ask yourself-Do I truly require this? In the event that you can build up this restraint, you will spare part of cash.

It is tied in with changing your way of life, having more authority over your wants and settling on an educated choice. When you have that, you will yourself discover approaches to set aside extra cash as setting aside extra cash relies on circumstance


The best way and the PERFECT time to REALLY save money is when you still have money not that when your money is about run out.  One good decision you will make is to seek for financial adviser. There are numbers of Financial institutions that teaches you how, what and where to invest your money. Remember, the battle is not about your money. It's about you.


The best way to save money: I will share some short but powerful tips to save money:

1. Save before you spend

2. Invest in Steem

3. Learn a skill with your money

4. Control your appetite

5. Invest in people

I hope it helps.


My best strategy is  "out of sight, out of mind". Meaning if I have it in my pocket I will spend it. I find putting it away in a place I do not have access to really helps me save. 


There are many ways of saving money. But one must have the mindset of saving in them.

Firstly, we can consider the bank as the best place to save money. But it is important to make findings about the bank where you are saving because like in my country most Banks have not met the standard of the central bank. So you don't risk your money by saving in those Banks.

Secondly, we can save by using the fixed deposit option it actually helps save money and it's profitable too.

To me, these are the best ways of saving money.


What I personally do is save my coins in piggy bank. I also have checklist of bills and other expenses. If ever there's still money left after the bills and groceries I deposit some in the bank and I also keep some money on my wallet for emergencies and other unexpected spending.