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How can we make steem to have an independent price on the cryptocurrency market?

Can be possible......if we stop speculating and stop running steem blockchain by speculating the price of steem. No matter what business it is if your core principles lies with speculation then at some point you will fail for sure and the recent noise around steem is just a testimony to that.

There is a need to make this economy more viable and steem price should be valued based upon its true utility value rather than speculative value.

The major downside of speculative value of an asset is that, it can spark pump for a short frame where as it will remain down for the larger frame. Further if your economy is inflation based then it will have a more adverse effect further. Because you will start printing money and as long as the price is up you can feed your members, but when the prices goes down then it becomes difficult for you to run the business. You can absorb the short term down pressure but if the down pressure becomes sustained, then it is nearly impossible to run the business and that is exactly what is happening with steemit Inc right now. Steem is getting those news weighted on its price action. It may so happen, the price of steem may further get drastically hit by these factors.

This is a strong message to all of us to wake up and start building this once again from  scratch, make the economy viable and sustainable and we can not take this community forward if we do not make it economically sustainable.

Let us preserve the true democracy, let witness really act as a witness, let them come forward and talk to the people of the community, formulate a solution, I am pretty sure there are potential steemian who can offer their free services for the greater interest of this community and there are people who really love this community by heart and I am sure a solution will definitely emerge, but that is possible only with a proper and organized communication.

If all of this happens then I am sure steem can start trading with its true utility value and it will be less dependent upon the price action of bitcoin.

Thank you and Have a great day.