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What do you know about the scorum coin?

Scorum is a little like Steemit in many ways. Its a blogging platform cum social media site that is tokenised  and runs on a blockchain. The difference is, Scorum is specifically for sports and has aims to branch out into the betting exchange industry.

The platform itself is very clean and easy to navigate and there are discussions on all kinds of sports and their teams, players and tactics. Its very in depth and quite argumentative as of course, when it comes to sports, people are very partisan about their own teams both nationally and locally. There are also fantasy football, and other sports leagues running.

And there are statistics. Lots and lots of statistics lol

 The coin itself is an erc20 based coin and I think it has good prospects personally. They have a real value based economy and have backing from some high profile sportsmen.

I think its a platform that has legs and is has a working product which for me is most important and also has a lot of potential if it recruits and keeps members. There are many avenues they could take the platform and I see a bright future for them.

Go take a look and see and sign up :-)