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Why do some men hate women,is it caused by depression?

Actually , the reason why some men hate women is same with the reason some women hate men. Though it's not like they really hate women as you say but dislike them sounds a bit proper. If you go on to learn about the men who dislike women ,you will be shock to learn at a point in their lives they loved women passionately and probably along the line they either got disappointed or maltreated that they still carry the hurt along their life and consider women to be all the same.

So men doesn't just breed hatred because they feel it's normal but the hatred, offense and hurt at one point in their lives is still fresh and they are not letting go, usually because they gave their all and at the end they lost it all, maybe not really all but they believe so.

Some men dislike women not because they have been offended , it's possible either their friend or brother once had a bad experience and they capitalized on it while it run as a reminder in their heart anything they wish to be compassionate around the opposite sex. So usually the hatred is something of the past experience , a story once told or a bad event one experienced from another about the opposite sex.


It just so happens, that majority of women in some men life turn out to be major cunts, and so they grew prejudiced.

Well, there's also another explanation, the culture they grew up in. 

And I'm not talking about some metaphysical concept of a rape culture, 

simply, they had all the wrong role-models growing up, perhaps were abused, perhaps everyone around them encouraged them to be abusive.

Those scenarios do happen.

Certain young people from certain countries coming to other countries with different culture than theirs treat women like trash and worthless sluts for a very specific reason.

That's horrendous and horrific, but it's just how they were raised.

Why do you think some women are afraid/hate all men? 

Because they were taught to, either by ideology, or experience.

It's all the same animal.

And then, such individuals go into the world, and oppress, and are total cunts to the next generation of people who didn't do anything wrong yet. 


Environment can play a huge part why some men become hostile to women. They may had experienced something hurtful and traumatic in the past which is leading them becoming harsh to the opposite gender. Though, I would like to refute including depression here. Depression is a mental illness, and someone who is acting inappropriate because of this mental state should not be blame for being hateful.


Hating a woman is not natural. Such men might have had some sad experiences in the past with some women that made them view all women as the same and thus hatred for them. I think it's more of a psychological problem.