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Which Altcoins pay dividend in a similar manner as STEEM?
I have given it a fair try even with EOS but not able to figure out an easy way ( compared to steem) for non programmers to invest in altcoins which provide opportunity to earn dividend similar to STEEM. Example of these dividends: Delegate to Dapp and get back tokens ( AFIT/Steemhunt/bid bot) Lease SP via minnowbooster and get back liquid STEEM. I know there was a whole lot of hype about RAM leasing market in EOS but I am not able to land on an easy ( STEEMesque) to do so , similarly I have read about Cardano staking but can't land on a site to do so. IMP: such dividends shouldn't require you to transfer your prinicipal coins to some system as that is highly risky as exchanges/sites get hacked all the times.

Well steem itself has a APR on steem power, so you don't even have to lease/delegate SP or sell votes. There are many blockchains which have some APR, so check out those. You probably won't get as good ROI as on steem..