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How popular is Musing compared to Quora (alexa ranking etc)?
Surely it is a new site but how far behind are we compared to Quora and other similar genre sites ? BTW , best of luck to us !!

I think it is pretty obvious that Quora is very much the market leader among Question-and-Answer platforms. You can check Alexa.com to view the rankings yourself. Last I checked Quora ranked 95 in the World for web traffic while Musing ranked 463,000+.

This is due to several reasons with the first being that Musing is a relatively New platform compared to Quora which has been in existence since 2010.

Also, musing operates on the blockchain (steem blockchain in particular) which is yet to attract mainstream adoption due to little awareness and understanding of the cryptoverse.

Perhaps Musing may not overtake Quora anytime soon, but I have no doubt that the gap will close significantly in a few years as the awareness of the blockchain, decentralization and reward system grows


Well no wonder we are getting a lot of users in the last couple of days and Musing is getting busy everyday passing by. The reason could be the reward which is mostly attracting users towards Musing.

While we are nowhere near Quora yet. As you can see, the Quora is at 95th position in Alexa rank while Musing.io is at 436,254 position. Which clearly shows how much behind we are but we are improving everyday.

While there are multiple things which is the reason that Quora is at that position, the best thing is that userbase and the amount of questions and answers they are getting is indeed immense. 

Quora started their journey earlier and has created a place for themselves in the world of Q & A Sites.

While in case of Musing when a person gets to know about the reward system for answering questions  Quora users will sure give it a try.


There's actually a great disparity between the two. Quora has been around for a while but musing only just surfaced. Beyond that, the reach of quora cuts across nearly all countries but the same cannot be said of musing.io.

Musing.io, from what I just checked is currently ranked at 723483. It once achieved an all-time alexa ranking of 155939. Quora, on the other hand has an Alexa ranking of 95. It's even 47 in the US. With that, you can see the massive difference for yourself.

Musing could become much more popular though. With continued use and the influx of users, it will soon get there. However, as to outdo Quora, that would take quite a long time to happen. I'm an optimist though and anything is possible.