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If your child wants something should you buy it immediately or ?

I'm not yet a parent but what I'm planning to teach my child in the future at an early age is how to value money.

As much as I love to spoil my kid, I personally think that it is in their best interest and well-being to be taught at an early age the value of money. That money doesn't grow on trees! I want them to learn how to differentiate "wants" from "needs". Early Childhood is where a kids behaviour is molded, if we teach them at such a young age, that will be carried out to adulthood.

Of course, I am in no way saying that I will make my kid work for everything he desires. If it's him just asking for food/candy then I will give it to him immediately but for things like a Playstation, an iphone, a tablet and the likes. Then probably No! Would probably make him do all the house chores for 6months+ before he gets what he wants. :)


Interesting question. I’ve been coming across for a while but never took my time out to check it out but I’m glad I did. Well back to the question, it depends on what exactly the child wants

1. I’d get it if it’s quite affordable for me at that time of request. It might delay if it’s expensive.

2. I’d get it if it’s urgent and ofcourse very important and of value , I might not if it’s unimportant

3. If my unborn child wants anything, I’d do everything expected of me as a father to meet such demand

I believe in making children happy so there won’t be any stopping me from making mine happy when I have mine. But the fact stands that kids want the world so how easy would it be to buy such child the world that is if you one can actually buy the world.

In conclusion , making a child happy fulfilling such child’s demand is a responsibility for parents but the possibility of fulfillment depends on the item demanded . Thanks


No, you should definitely not buy everything your child wants. If you do this, then you will spend thousands of dollars the next time you enter a toy store! 


Never give up in principle, I do not find it optimal either ...

In the end, managing his desires is to know that it is possible that they come true but to support that this is not the case: and if we systematically refuse, the child knows in advance that this desire does not exist. will not be satisfied, so it's not even frustration anymore, it's an unreachable desire ....

It would be a bit like learning to be careful on the road by never going there ... hard!

For my part, I never give in shopping but from time to time, I "give in" on activities: take them on a pony ride as they regularly claim, or at the pool, etc ....

I think that what makes it possible to build oneself is the possibility of hearing people say yes or no, of negotiating, of arguing, of seeing that howls and anger do not make it possible to obtain what is desired when dialogue and negotiation can be effective, but sometimes, despite all the diplomacy, despite the appropriate behavior, politeness, and good arguments, we do not get what we wanted, that too is necessary, but it should not be systematic, because if not, why be polite, nice, what good to gialoguer and argue?

Systematic refusal is not necessarily better than systematic agreement ....


Well it depends on what the child want at that period of time,but it is good to sometimes avoiding buying things for your child immediately request for it because if you keep doing that then the child might grow up getting used to that and could make he or she think that is the way of life and start feeling angry or bitter whenever his or her request is not fulfilled immeditately by people including his or her parents...


To require grown-up underwriting for the things your tyke needs to buy in the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 and Xbox One devices – beside what they get with blessing vouchers or trade out their Microsoft account – go to account.microsoft.com/family and sign in with your Microsoft account. By then:

Find your youth's name and select Content controls.

Switch Needs grown-up support to buy things to On.

Support or deny their requesting through email or on account.microsoft.com/family.