Are you pleased with the type of posts that appear on the steemit trending pages?
Sometimes the sort of post I see on the steemit trending pages makes me feel like the system is not that fair and don't favours great writer. do you actually feel that way?

I think a lot of users have felt that way for some time and that is why we are seeing some of the enhancements and changes we have over the past couple of months.  

Some of the larger accounts that used to take advantage of the trending page and the shortcomings there have left the platform as the price of STEEM has declined.  Many of the invested users that are publishing legitimate content have stuck around and are starting to rise to the top.

The implementation of White-lists on many services has helped to cut down on a lot of the spam and junk that was getting added to the STEEM blockchain.  

In the end it is going to take a concerted effort from many people to get things to change.  If you are new to the platform just stay away from the trending page.  I would even stay away from the hot page to some extent.  

Until the manual curators can take back the trending page, it is going to remain the black sheep of Steemit that members of the family like to try to forget about.


Steemit post with higher upvote value appears on the Steemit trending page. I remember when I watched a video on YouTube and it showed the trending page and said how much money they made from their post. Anyone can think after watching the video is that she/he can make a better post than those showing on trending page, get the reward, and it will show on trending page.

After joining Steemit, people realize that trending posts do not make that amount of money. Most of them paid money to bidbots to go to the trending page. And you realize that no matter what you post, it can hit the trending page on Steemit only if you can pay enough to bidbots. And that's the fact.

You can see good posts on trending, but it is not the case always. Sometimes you see low quality posts on Steemit trending page. It is kind of disappointing to see that. Money is everything to hit the trending page.

Yes, I think so. This is not fair. Most valuable post should appear on Steemit trending page. It will inspire steemians to make quality posts.

Some people think paying bidbots is like an advertisement, it is a cost and the good thing is, you get back most of it in return, and sometimes with profit. If you think that way, you can say it is okay.

Hope we see a change in the future. Maybe if any post is promoted by bidbots, that can appear on promotion page instead of trending page. Let' see what happens.

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Good posts at the steemit trending posts are really rare.

The main Problem are voting bots. Anyone who has money can simple pay them and get his post to the trending page.

In my opinion this is a big problem. The first thing you see when visiting steemit.com is the trending page. If users only see bad posts there they might not sign up to steemit. So there are less users on steemit -> lower steem price. Also it is really unfair to authors who invest a lot of time into creating posts but they most of the time don't get to the trending page if they don t pay bots. 


Not even close, the trending page might as well be called the Pay To Be Here page. 

Content is irrelevant as long as you an afford to be there.

It gives a terrible impression to any new users

I would say 95% of what is there is absolute crap and not even worthy of being printed in tabloid papers

So nope, not pleased at all.

May the trending page burn in a fiery inferno of destruction


No I am not. The trending page should be the best of the best when it comes to steemit posts showing of wonderful talent.

Unfortunately it is for the users who have deep pockets and want to show off sub par work. It gives the wrong impression to new users who think that is the norm being able to achieve big payouts. This in my reason why the retention levels on Steem are so low as people get disillusioned quickly and don't understand why their posts make nothing.

This need to change in the future and maybe call it promoted posts and only allow posts that haven't been influenced by bid bots on to the trending page.


Not at all, I think it's now  the most wealthy vote buyers who decide what's on top of the trending page. 

Sometimes it's really low-quality content and you don't even see these posts get any downvotes. I mean, if you can upvote a low-quality post for hundreds of dollars, then there's something wrong with the system IMO. 


Theres a guy on the trending page every day with the most boring posts imaginable. Take one look and its all bots. It just ruins the whole concept of steemit. I had a post yesterday that @trufflepig upvoted. It told me that my post was in the top ten trending posts on Steemit if bots weren't involved. It was number 6. I felt great about this but felt cheated also that some guy had 243 dollars and I only had 30 dollars from my post which I put alot of effort into. From now on I will avoid the trending page and look at @trufflepigs non bot trending posts.  New copycats of Steemit are monitoring accounts to make sure they are not being used for bots. At one stage the same IP address made 700 accounts. They were able to delete them but what chance do we have on Steemit if this is happening!

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No. Most of Steemit posts that are worth reading, are not even upvoted for one steem. But there were ( and will be) some exceptions.  


Trending Page does really act as the one of the most important pillar of Steemit. 

As this acts as the front page of Steemit because whenever anybody recommends to look at Steemit the trending page does acts a desperate role as a matter of fact (mostly in case of payouts) and the contents in the T.Page.

While when a new person gets to join in here the thing that goes in mind that I will get there on the trending page with my content. While in reality the trending page has become quite clean compared to the past few months as the vote abuse and the excessive use of bid bot made it quite harsh to go through the trending page and in few posts it was only the money that was acting for those Upvotes. 

While as of now it is healing and we are seeing quality posts and many things that are helpful for the community and yeah it will take time to get to its glory but it is a start. Steemit has more way to go and we can act as a support to those contents that deserves to be there in the Trending Page.

Currently not so pleased while in few months back was really holding back looking at T.Page but now there are things that you can learn from.