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Is it right to be eating while walking or driving?

Not “right” or “wrong.” UNTIL a clear context & desired outcome are defined.

Merely actions and consequences.

While walking might not be an action with optimal effects on digestion, however.

Not might while driving be an action conducive to optimal focus on the road OR keeping one’s car clean from crumbs.


It is obviously wrong to eat while walking or driving. Even if you are hungry, it is best to stop somewhere, eat and then, keep moving. Although I do eat sometimes when I am so very hungry and I have to be somewhere in a hurry, and when that happens, I have to do it codedly.

For obvious reasons, there are so many bad sides to eating while walking or driving.

You could get a head collision with someone if you're walking and if you're driving, you could swerve off the road. It is so dangerous to eat while driving.


The ethical standard is different in different cultures. What you think is ethically correct may not e correct in other culture. 

In my religion, it is not encouraged to eat while doing other stuffs. Here eating is something similar with showing gratitude to God for what he is proving us for eating and living. But I have seen many people who used to eat in one hand and do work on the other or walk on the same time. 

As our life pattern is changing, so our values is. So many people out there are doing this thing and I also sometime do that to reduce my time. 

I will not say this habit as right or wrong. It's people's personal choices. But to me it is more appropriate to take a break and eat, then work. It's also the healthy way.  


I have heard that walking while eating makes the metabolism more active, but being honest when walking is not dangerous, sometimes, and I had to eat while walking.

But eating while driving is a danger because many traffic accidents can occur for not paying attention and you may also risk drowning while you eat.