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What if there will be no electricity in world?
When you say "no electricity in the world" that would actually be near impossible. Your body organs such as your brain and heart generates flowing electrons and each cell of your body has a voltage potential. If you have seen lemons used to power a small digital clock you know chemical reactions can be used to generate small amounts of direct current. Moving a metal wire through a magnetic field generates a voltage. You can even generate electrical charge from applying mechanical force on certain types of material which is called the "piezoelectric effect". Even if you could get "no electricity" on Earth when the sun becomes very, very active during a solar storm electrical current can be induced in metal wires such as what happened to telegraph wires during the solar storm of 1859. There are so many possible sources for electricity both on Earth and from beyond Earth that having "no electricity" seems impossible.





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Have you ever thought, what would happen if we lived in this world without electricity? Will life be what it is today? Because electricity is like a blood vessel in the body, which is very vital and very needed by humans today.

If there is no electricity, maybe clean water will there is no in our homes. Because electricity is needed to drain clean water through pipes embedded below where we stand. If there is no electricity, the tapes around us will no longer issue clean water. Because pipe pumps need electricity as a resource.

Then where can we get clean water? In the past, humans could easily go to the river to get water, but now the rivers are too dirty to drink water without going through the distillation process.

Second, the night will be full of candles and torches of fire. Can things get worse without electricity? One problem is that only with candles or torch will accompany us through every night.

There is no light. And what will happen if we live without electricity? Because without electricity, the lights will not have an energy source, candles are objects that are always our friends every night.

The next thing that happens if there is no electricity in this world is Transportation will be chaotic. Traffic arrangement of transportation systems both land, sea and air needs electricity as its energy source, so what if without electricity?

Not only that, but also there will be no Internet like now, and also not steemit platforms and other dApps like now. Because the server and BTS need electricity supply.

Then what about the Internet? Maybe we will never know Google, facebook, steemit, musing and others.

The point now is that almost all human activities and life are not like today. Precisely we can be shadows like life before electricity was discovered.


If the world suddenly and permanently lost access to electricity, the distribution of clean drinking water would stop and toilets would stop working. At first, people would use up whatever clean water they had available. In a few days or at latest in a few weeks, sanitation problems would get serious. A lot of city dwellers might not even have enough of any kind of water, not even water of questionable quality. People would start dying of thirst in densely populated urban areas. Even more people would start getting sick from drinking contaminated water. 

Getting out of the cities would be difficult as electric trains would not run. Factories would grind to a halt. In a matter of a few weeks, there would be severe food shortages because supply chains of all kinds would break down. There'd be total chaos in short order and the death toll could be in the billions because agricultural machinery needs diesel fuel to run which would be in very short supply because no oil refineries would work without electricity. It would be impossible to breed enough horses fast enough to assist in all the field work. Most of the horses would be eaten anyway by the masses getting out of the cities on foot because their cars wouldn't work without electricity. Trying to drive out of the cities would be pretty useless anyway because the roads don't have enough capacity for everyone trying to drive out at the same time. If electricity disappeared, billions would die in a few months. It would be hell on Earth.


Electricity is the spark that marked the greatest inventions of humanity.

If we take this out from our history, then we are probably living a really simple life of horse & carriage with torch along the streets that serve as light.

Today? There will be NO internet, blockchain, computers... oh, that's scary :(


I think for those that are living in the places where there is no access to electricity would not know the world with electricity.

Imagine no electricity. Wow, it would make us travel back into the time when Edison and Einstein were still developing electricity. I guess there would not be handphones. No internet and we won't even be asking and answering questions here.

Anyways, back to the point. The world without electricity would greatly decrease the connectivity between the world's different continents. Everyone would sleep early and wake up early.

The farming life would be back as there are no other different sources to earn cash and most of the income has to come from farming and selling of physical goods. The world would progress rather really slowly as there won't be planes flying alot due having no gps and no way to find out if they would hit other planes.

To get information of what happens around the world, would take a long time and we can't track the position of the things we have ordered and also can't whatapps our friends and instead use phones to connect.

Prices of alot of things would remain high because everything has to be customized and hand made.

This answer can be really long.

It would be disastrous...Monstrous vanish. Our human progress can't proceed as it is without power. The greater part of the general population living in the urban and rural regions would come up short on sustenance in short request. They'd escape to the provincial territories. Most beyond words the way. The rustic zones rely upon power as much as the urban zones for sustenance, water, fuel, and so forth., yet would likewise capitulate. The principal winter in the US would realize the passings of presumably north of 200 million individuals. Before the finish of an entire year, my figure is that there'd be under 50 million individuals left. Likely less.

Regardless of where you are, except if you're living in a power less lodge in the forested areas, your life relies upon electrical power. The US would stop to be a country state and would vanish. Hardly any individuals can "subsistence survive". For all intents and purposes no one knows creature cultivation or how to lash a little furrow to a bull. Less would know how to make one.

This is valid for any country, with the exception of the most crude agrarian regions. The cease to exist would be something out of a dystopian motion picture. It would not be lovely no doubt.
If there is no electricity in the world, then the world will be dark. Various electronic products will not work. Maybe humans will go back to the days of no technology.

Electricity plays a role in technological development. If without electricity, technological developments will not be like today. Many things in our life are related to electricity. Without electricity we will live within the limitations. The use of energy and technology will also be limited. Today, electricity plays an important role in human life.

In the 1980s in our village there was no electricity. We use candles or lamps. Cook with firewood. The television also does not exist. Life goes on even in a simple way. But I can feel between before there is electricity and after there is electricity. The difference is like the earth and the sky.

It would be a bit more difficult to charge my phone..

Humans will be humbled if we lost our technological use of electricity

I'm not certain how this can be accomplish unless we irradiate the whole planet with something that is not toxic to biological life by inhibits conduction

But yes progress will grind to a halt, rapid mass migration will cease to exist, food will be severely damage (people will starve), population will decline, wars will start, birth rate will drop

As a civilization, we ill probably regress rapidly, probably only thing that would regress us faster is a MEE - Mass Extinction Event (like a Meteor size of a small country striking the earth)

We ll see the truth of people...

We ll begin murdering each other for sustenance ,land and ladies...

Wrongdoing rate ll be monstrous...

It ll train us Money has no esteem,

it ll make few individuals to help other people and make more hoodlums... it ll influence us to long for trust , care ,truth ,love, mercy...what life is , and why we are put here, your cerebrum may set up an inquiry hw peopled live before power was invented...the minute we come to know there is no power for ever its like sucide...each and each individual around the globe ll prepare for his survival...if any individual deny somebody's need...it's a great opportunity to demonstrate our reality...everybody around us is a stranger...thy ll do anything for their need and survival...killing , plunder , joy, torment and so on I can continue letting it know...

in the event that there is no power,

It ll demonstrates our existence,

At that point there is no value or product..

No correspondence..

no online business..

no innovation..

no money..

no pizzas or frozen yogurt..

No android or iPhone..

No films or clubs.

It is an interesting question. All we have is dependent on electricity. All our recourses are even dependent of electricity. We would have lack of everything.
Without electricity our communication system would also be collapsed. In fact all our civilized system would be collapsed and we will be back to the Stone Age.
And of course, will not be able to communicate on musing or any other platform also. lols