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Musing has changed its some features for writing question and answers. How do you feel? Do you like new features ?

i noticed the new features too and i think ii really love the features because it makes someone to easily access questions that people already asked on the website,the new features also enables someone to easily view answers to questions that was asked on this great website


Musing is a wide platform where people write answer of the question and earned a steem dollar.The new features I see in a musing website are we can write in alligned and also we can write in proper sequence and slowly we can go to other place with him so he can so be able to walk with us.

While writing the answer in musing after update of website we cannot able to write a blog .

The good thing in the update of musing is that there is a new option available for them and we can post a image also who are not able to understand .                     no one has solve the problem of  advantage of Bitcoin we found.

Thanks for Reading

Dhiraj Patel


This is a great improvement and I'm loving it!  I saw the announcement on the musing discord server and just confirmed it to be true. 

It's really cool we can now add images and markdown to posts. 


I do love the new options and looks a lot. But I've been having some issues. Like if i couldve  just dragged and dropped the images it could've been more easier. The images i add most of the time they are from pixabay. Now pixabay doesnt allow hot linking. And if i just add any link from google and make it as a post to blog it can create copyright issues. 

But overall its more than expected. loved it a lot. @jonching is a brilliant dev and thats a sure thing.