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Have you improved your English through musing ?

 Yes. I am not an expert in the English language. I never did any article writing or blogging in my life. When I entered this platform, Steemit, and Musing, I used to write something within my limits which I can present to the community.

Now I am aware of my English. In the beginning, I can't even write some sentences without mistakes in spelling and grammar. With the help of some grammar and spell checking free websites, I improved a lot. I can present my thoughts with fewer or little errors.

While I have learned much compared to the entry time in this platform. Now my English is not very bad, I believe that.

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 I still have a hard time understanding the English language, but I have a basic notion of many words and phrases, and I must admit that using the musing platform has helped me understand and know several words that were difficult for me to pronounce.

Being a site entirely in English, you must have a basic notion of the language to be able to publish your questions and answers.

 In addition to this, you are practicing the English language and learning new words in English for your vocabulary, for which I must confirm that the musing platform has helped improve my English significantly.


Writing paragraphs of text always do help one to improve their language skills.

Especially, if you put doing research and spell checking on the top of that activity.

I do believe, if there's a person who is not very confident in their English writing skills, 

reading answers, and writing your own on Musing does contribute positively. 

For me, there's not much improvement to be made.

However, I was once at a point where I was terrible, and couldn't speak English. Upon engaging in chatting with people on the internet, there was a constant improvement, and here we are now.


Yes, I too think i have improved a lot of my skills through musing platform. As I am from India our native Language is Hindi so English speaking in our day to day life is rare here. So it was very difficult for us to write a formal English on platforms like musing, steemit. But reading lots of creating answers and question today i am able to write some fluent and good English like other writes. There are many words which I cannot understand properly i use to refer many other books to learn about such words. 

Yes, Musing has improved English Language very well.