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Do musing should create support center?
Musing already kind of has one. Their discord server serves the same purpose and in a sense its a much faster one. Because in their discord atleast a couple of mods and musings founder @jonching is always active. You can take your queries and issues to them and you'll find a fast feedback. But To manage a support here will drain away their valuable extra time and resources.

If musing creates a support here in musing.io it is an extra hassle and the resources that will be used will not bring back the same amount of value. Think logically and ai believe you'll see what I'm trying to establish. I mean what's the use? And the important fact is they can maintain their discord server almost for no cost. It will be a waste to double up.
Yes, I believe this would be a good idea, that way we can get whatever complaint we have across to them.

The way the site operates currently, we have no way of contacting the team in charge. Most people don't even know the people in charge and this could turn out to be discouraging.
Yes,I think musing should create support center because the newbies who are joining in musing they have so much querry and problem so to solve there should be a support centre but musing have a feedback option in which people can ask question and they will give you response in less time.

If we have any problem related to the blog we can discord the blog with comment and the steem community with resolve the problem as soon as possible.for new user I believe support centre should needed.but if we think for earning there should not be support centre because if there is support centre then we will get less upvotes and the earning goes down due to musing has to pay some money to support centre also.
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Well, I think they've taken care of this already. There's a discord channel where you can directly relate with the admins and get your questions/issues fixed. To me, that is what a support center is all about.
Im not sure what you mean by support center. The way i look at it, musing needs more dedicated curators to keep up wirh the growing number of posts. Some good post dont get voted after seven days and that could be negative impact on the platform.