Who is your favourite cryptocurrency holder ?
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I prefer Charles Lee with a digital currency money stands for LTC has its own place for miners and treding digital currency litecoin was officially released in 2014 with some previous improvements. In the past year litecoin has increased, at the beginning of litecoin price only about $ 20 and continue to rise until now litecoin price reached $ 600. There is no possibility of litecoin value will continue to rise and digital currency is good enough to be used as a digital currency investment. You can also get free litecoons through a faucet-based website, one of the websites you can visit to get free litecoin but unfortunately it lacks the most significant free litecoins that you take a long time to get 1 liteco
Of course my favorite crypto holder has to be Satoshi Nakamoto. He or she is estimated to have around 1 million bitcoins and has held them even when bitcoin was over $19000 USD. People still send an occasional donation to the genesis address that is assumed to be Satoshi Nakamoto's. We wouldn't be doing what we are today if it wasn't for Satoshi Nakamoto. The best part is since we don't know who Satoshi Nakamoto is we better be kind to each other in the crypto community or else pissing off the wrong person might cause around 1 million bitcoins to be sold off and crashing the market.
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