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Should bosses allow their employees to sleep in between working hours?
From my previous 8-hour job, I had no chance of resting my eyes from staring at my computer screen and I have either been unproductive or had some serious weight on my eye bags. I want to rest for a bit.

 If it's during working hours, then the company has a right to dictate how you spend your time. After all, you're selling your time to them, so they're buying your productivity. If you're on the clock, you're under their rules (as long as it's not breaking the law). 

However, if it's in between working hours, then you should be free to do as you wish. You're not on their time, so if you want to sleep, go for it! Whether you sleep at night, or just any time after work, if it's not working hours, do as you please. 

I don't think it makes sense for companies to allow their employees to sleep at work. You're there to do a job, so if you're sleeping, you're not doing your job. If you're that tired at work, you might need to sleep more on your personal time so you're not as tired when you're on work time. It's not the company's job to make sure you get enough sleep. 

In most places in the USA you're entitled to a 30 minute lunch break(unpaid) if you've worked at least 5 hours. And you're entitled to a 10 minute (paid) for every 4 hours you work per day. That time can be used to sleep because it's your time.

It can be tough to stay awake at work sometimes. Coffee can help. There's no substitute for sleep though. 

Good luck!

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I think so. Working 8 hours straight isn't being efficient. The first 4 hours of your work time for the day is when you are at your most efficient. The rest is just slowed productivity or fixing some error done on the first 4 hours. People aren't machines that can be optimal for a whole 8 hour work shift. 

I'm in the medical field and we have hospital duties for 24 hours straight with another 8 hour shift after. We may not have the privilege to eat or sleep but were' expected to perform at our best all the time. 


I've seen documentaries about employees taking a nap during work hours and their productivity has grown after a 30 minutes nap. I think employees need a bit of rest in order to work better.

Employers however might not see this as a good way to increase productivity. They think employees have to work during work hours. In some underdeveloped  countries employees are not allowed to have brakes. 

I don't think I could have a nap during work hours but a walk would definitely help. 


If you mean being allowed to sleep during your break, I don't see why not.

It's YOUR break!!


If it is refreshing for the employees then I do not see any reason why they should not take a nap. It could be beneficial dor the employees and the employer because the employee could become more effective. Overworked people make mistakes. However a well rested workforce is less prone to mistakes. So this is a winwin.